HP Envy TouchSmart AMD FX Special Edition APU at Best Buy – Work with the Heart of a Gamer!


By: Dove
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When Best Buy asked me to take a look at the new HP Envy TouchSmart with a special AMD FX processor created with entertainment and gaming in mind, it was an easy ask. Last year I purchased a very compact HP touchscreen laptop that I use for travel, and it’s got built-in Beats by Dre speakers. Meanwhile my touchscreen desktop is linked up with a rad Razer gaming keyboard. The crazy thing is that I don’t even play video games on my computers, I just love the quick response time of game-friendly products. It’s vital when you type all day, every day, and needless to say, I like to have fun when I work!

So back to this cool AMD FX processor. It actually has a boost on the APU (accelerated processing unit) with the processing power of TEN computer cores, which is insane. This feature makes the HP Envy TouchSmart super friendly for streaming high quality videos, movies, etc. and is sure to increase your productivity too since you won’t have those annoying lags when you’re typing and sending emails, and you can multi-task with ease.

While you can get amazing graphics, and top notch entertainment, you can still keep your work going at the same time. Can’t beat that!

The other thing I love about this Best Buy exclusive gem is that it’s got a reasonably sized 15.6″ touch screen, which will fit in your backpack or laptop carrier perfectly.

And yet another good incentive to invest in the HP Envy TouchSmart: free shipping and/or free store pickup!

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