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Some of us may be a little bummed out with the U.S. losing the World Cup. With our imaginations captured by the work of the U.S. Women’s team, it is devastating to come just short. Even so, the gamers among us still can float home from the bar and turn on the gaming system to ease the pain.

Also, if you wanted to, there are ways to make sure you never come in second in a video game,and that’s why Catch Up! is here to keep you in the loop.

This week, Ubisoft is looking to join other publishers on its online pass initiative, a little more information is out on Kingdom Hearts, Bioshock isn’t just going to be around on consoles anymore, Sony is giving some serious juice to exclusives, and now you can share your gaming achievements a bit more effeciently with Overwolf.

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Ubisoft Online Pass

Yet another company has joined the online pass bandwagon! Ubisoft is rumored to include an online pass in its future titles. Reportedly, there will be a one time use code, called Uplay Passport, in order to access the online features of a given game.

As with EA, THQ, Microsoft, and the PSN pass, codes will be included in all new copies, and available separately for those who bought the game used. Click here to read more

Kingdom Hearts 3 News

Square Enix’s Tetsuya Nomura had a few things to say about the long-awaited Kingdom Hearts III, as well as the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3D for 3DS (also known as Dream Drop Distance), which is apparently 40-50% finished.

The 3D story will lead into Kingdom Hearts III — presumably much like GBA title Chain of Memories led directly into Kingdom Hearts IIClick here to read more

Sony Invests in PSN Exclusives

Sony laid out a three year, $20 million dollar investment plan to support development of Playstation Network exclusives. Full retail exclusives are few and far between, and Microsoft has invested heavily in exclusive windows. Sony also has a “Pub fund” aimed at helping independent developers.

The announcement was made by Brandon Stander, director of PlayStation Network marketing at SCEA. He staated: “PlayStation Network is poised to deliver an enviable line-up of exclusive and imaginative games this year, with highly anticipated first-party titles like thatgamecompany’s Journey and PixelJunk Sidescroller.” Click here to read more

New Bioshock Handheld

BioShock Infinite is set for a release next year, however, it’s not the only BioShock game that has been announced. The game will be making its first handheld debut on the PS Vita, and it won’t just be a re-release of one of the series’ previous games. That’s great news for fans! Click here to read more

Mass Effect 3 Demo

Casey Hudson, the executive of the Mass Effect series recently tweeted that there will be news of a Mass Effect 3 demo within the next few months.

Of course this isn’t an official announcement, but news from the executive producer is still pretty trustworthy news! Taking into account that the new Mass Effect is rumored to include co-op or Multiplayer, then we may see the demo as a Beta release of this to allow BioWare to test the water. Click here to read more

Share With Overwolf

The Overwolf public beta just came available, providing a complete suite of social tools for use in game. Players can access Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Skype, the web, email and a variety of other services.

The one thing that Overwolf has over other gaming social plug-ins, such as Raptr and Steam, is its video capturing functionality. Overwolf lets you stream video and upload it straight to YouTube, Facebook or Twitter. Click here to read more

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