Run This Town: Kingston, Jamaica! Courtney John’s Must-See Spots [ULx Exclusive]


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When thinking of Reggae music on the island of Jamaica, you might envision enjoying laid back jams on a sandy beach with waves crashing all around. Or perhaps you’ll think of a lively club, with people moving in celebration of the beautiful music. However you like your Reggae, there is no doubt that multi-talented entertainer Courtney John is bringing you the best of the genre.

Born in Jamaica to a musically-talented family, John wrote his first song before he hit his teens, and learned how to compose and arrange with various instruments. He eventually obtained a degree in Business Marketing in Toronto before choosing to make music his full-time career. He formed his own label, and began recording under the name Yogie.

Today, Courtney John is one of the most respected producers and songwriters in the Reggae world, having worked on songs with the likes of Nelly Furtado, Beenie Man and Sizzla.

When it comes to island vibes, Courtney can relate a lot of his creativity to the beauty of his homeland. We asked the suave performer to give us his suggestions for the best places to visit in the Kingston, Jamaica area, and we definitely got a variety of options to soak in fun, food, relaxation and history!

Read on as Courtney John acts as your tour guide in’s Run This Town!

1. Hellshire Beach (St. Catherine Parish)

It is the most popular local public beach, located near Portmore. It’s a favorite Sunday hangout with a number of stalls, restaurants and bars. The food there is amongst the tastiest seafood prepared in Kingston. You can enjoy the sound systems blazing sweet Jamaican music in the background!

2. The Marketplace (Constant Spring Road)

It is fast becoming a hip spot for many Kingstonians. It boasts a number of restaurants ranging from Indian, Italian, Chinese and Vegan Jamaican cuisine. There is also Tracks & Records Sports Bar, part-owned and dedicated to Olympic star Usain Bolt. You can party the night away at Fiction night club.

3. Stone Love’s Weddy Weddy (41 Burlington Ave, St. Andrew)

Held on Wednesdays at Burlington Ave by top Jamaican sound system Stone Love. Peep the latest dance moves and dancehall music!

4. Bob Marley Museum (56 Hope Road)

This was Bob Marley’s home until he died in 1975, and displays Marley’s personal treasures. There is a gift shop selling T-shirts, posters and CDs and other Bob Marley memorabilia, as well as items from Jamaica. The tours usually last one hour and 15 minutes.

5. Rockfort Mineral Bath & Spa (Rockfort)

The natural spa was uncovered in 1907, as a result of the earthquake which destroyed Port Royal. The spa houses one large communal public bath and many private baths, where massages are also available. The water is believed to have therapeutic qualities.

6. Devon House (Corner of Hope Road and Waterloo Ave)

This 127-year-old heritage site was built by Jamaica’s first black millionaire George Stiebel. Tour the famous mansion and learn its history! You can also enjoy the famous Devon House ice cream from their popular I Scream store. Other shops include the Grog Shoppe and the famous Rum Roast and Royals that sells locally made cigars, jellies, preserves, seasoning, spices and coffee.

7. Rae Town

The community has a famous block party every Sunday that has be happening for the past 40 years. They play only classic reggae songs, which is the best musical school for any visitor who wants to learn about the origins of reggae music!

For more information on Courtney John, visit his site, and follow him on Twitter @Courtney_John

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