This Woman’s World: Relaxing at Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto, Mexico


Villa Del Palmar
By: Kitty Bradshaw

The tiny details of normal life brought about a much needed trip to Mexico, which provided the chance to replenish and strengthen my spirit. Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto Resort & Spa was just the fix I needed to go adrift and create an offense for the life back home. The option to go in the other room, turn off the phone, or call out sick was simply not enough. I found a quiet space against the mountains and the sea at my feet in a sleepy tourist town of Loreto. No more pressures of the world, and hectic days.

The staff of Villa del Palmar is trained to gently lift the pressures off the mind by catering to your every need. With the option to have an all-inclusive experience that values bottomless cocktails and an exotic meal or two; I felt right at home in this soothing environment.


Could I live here forever? Probably not, but at least Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto Resort & Spa creates a safe space for me to visit when life gets to be too much. With two visits under my belt, the thing that draws me back in is regardless if I travel here solo or with a special someone the atmosphere restores me to my full potential by healing my mind. After I have rested, and had a chance to become lost in the atmosphere – the crisp lines, bright colors, and air all provide inspiration for deep thought and a new life plan of action.

Resort activities include swimming, boating, hiking, or lounging while not caring. During my last trip, I discovered the presence of the resident Shaman to help with meditation and breathing for those who want assistance focusing, sleeping, or unwinding. If Shamanism isn’t your thing, try the Sabila Spa that provides full body massages, steam rooms, and cosmetic treatments such as facials and peels. The resort also host tours by both land and sea.


You can take a boat around the bay and explore the various marine life such as dolphins and whales. Another option is to catch a shuttle and tour the town of Loreto which includes a century-old church.

The hotel suites are were where a night of 10,000 rest take place. Each room includes an indoor spa-Jacuzzi that I take full advantage of as a guest. After dinner, I order up a glass of scotch, wine, or champagne and adjourn to my room. Resort maid staff each night has your Jacuzzi running and waiting for your return.
Villa Del Palmar Deluxe Suite
With my sliding doors open, I recline back in my Jacuzzi and look out into the distance of the night sky and twinkling lights of the town afar. Once complete, I then get into bed and stay there until my soul and the morning air connect. Upon waking up each day I find the stress load lessened, and the strength restored just enough to experience the much needed vacation that gradually pulls me back into the present.

If you are interested in visiting Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto, rates run as low as $119 per night. Got to for more information

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