Cold Weather Hair Care! Top 7 Tips for a Healthy, Cool Winter ‘Do!


By: The Dr. Miracles Hair Care Specialists

During the winter months, the air becomes frigid and dry, and this climactic shift strips your hair of natural oils, which normally keep your tresses moisturized and strong. No matter what your hair type is, the prolonged impact of these extreme elements can lead to the weakening of the hair strands, leaving them vulnerable to breakage. The few inconspicuous hairs that people lose every day, whether they appear in your brush or on your pillow, will multiply vastly and eventually become noticeable as a result of breakage.

To help keep your mane flowing beautifully in these cold days, just follow these simple tips!

1. Trim it up! No matter what hairstyle you wear, be sure to get your hair trimmed more often in the colder winter months. Dryness starts at the ends of the strands, the portion of hair that spends the most time exposed to the elements.

2. Moisturize and condition. Whether your hair is curly, straight, short, long, fried or dyed, deep conditioning becomes an extreme necessity in the colder months. It gives your hair the extra strength and elasticity it needs to prevent breakage. The infusion of protein which can be found in eggs and mayonnaise, and essential oils, like jojoba, sunflower, avocado and lavender is vital for healthy hair.

We suggest you try out Dr. Miracle’s Deep Conditioner, (6 oz., $4.99) which is blended with Vitamins A and E, and jojoba oil. Weekly use will keep hair moisturized and conditioned, while preventing breakage and a dry scalp.

3. Drink lots of water! Water is just as important in the cold weather as it is in the warm weather. Be sure to drink lots of water to hydrate your hair from the inside out.

4. Shower sensibly. Hot showers can be tempting when there’s a chill in the air, but the hot water and steam can actually dry out your hair and scalp. Shampoo hair using warm to cool water as hot water can damage the hair shaft.

5. Prepare for heat! Avoid using heat-styling tools excessively as they can exacerbate the dryness that your tresses are already experiencing. If you have to heat style, apply a heat protector like Dr. Miracle’s Acai Berry Thermal Styler, (6 oz., $5.99) to shield hair from the effects of intense heat while adding shine.

6. Hats matter. Make sure that your cute winter hats are lined with silk or satin. Otherwise the friction of the wool will cause breakage and rob hair of needed moisture.

7. Protect all day! Apply an additional spritz of lightweight sheen to coat your strands before fairing any extreme temperatures. Try out Dr. Miracle’s Oil Sheen Spray, (15 oz., $4.99) which is blended with shea butter and aloe for conditioning.

Enjoy the rest of your winter looking good! Go to for more information on hair repair products, moisturizers and conditioners for everyone!

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