Fashion Check! You’re Over 30? Rid Your Closet of These Items NOW for Spring!


By: Erika Nunez
Image Director and fashion stylist, BLuxe Group

With so many fashion trends today, adults are easily influenced to relive their ‘youthful’ days – but we all know that’s not always a good idea! Here is a list of items to remove from your closet once you hit the big 3-0!

Keep in mind that donations are always welcome at your local Goodwill and Salvation Army… or trash can if need be!

1. Men: Oversized Carpenter Jeans

Jeans should flatter body shapes, not destroy them. Oversized jeans should have stayed in the ’90s where they were created, in my opinion.

By the time you hit your 30’s go for  jeans that have a tapered fit in a dark wash. They are more versatile, as they can be worn for ‘dress down’ Fridays at work, for a casual date night or hanging out with friends. There are a plethora of cuts, washes and weight of denim, which makes the options seem almost endless!

For shopping, try Denimology, a denim boutique based in New York, where you can be sure to find your new favorite pair of jeans! They have over 50 different brands with prices ranging from $75-$400, and a few big and tall options can be found as well.

I guarantee that once you find “that” jean, the Salvation Army will be overjoyed to see your donation of oversized pants!

2. Men and Women: Over-embellished T-shirts

These busy shirts make anyone look as though they’ve just finished fist pumping with the cast of Jersey Shore!

At your age, less is always more! Both ladies and gents can pick up a few plain fitted short or long sleeve crew neck shirts and Henleys (for layering) from J.Crew. The soft cotton and flattering fit will not only provide comfort, but also a more clean and relaxed look to pair with your new jeans!

3. Men: “Bling Bling”

Guys, big shiny rings, watches, earrings and chains… please STOP! Your “rapper” days are so over if you’re not already famous!

At your age, a great watch is needed; it lets a person know you have things to do, and you don’t have time to waste! If you’re a flashy type of guy, a ring can be a nice compliment to your watch, and if you still have your ears pierced, invest in real diamond studs!

When looking for a watch keep these three things in mind: the band, movement/display and the brand! For diamonds, keep the 4C’s in mind: Color,Cut, Clarity, and Carat.

I find that Macys usually has a great selection of jewelry and watches. Pay them a visit sooner than later!

4. Women: Large hoop earrings

Spare your ear lobes! Large earrings are heavy and they don’t always read as sophisticated or career minded.

I recommend close-fitting earrings and studs, as they’re a nicer alternative for mature women. Studs are great for professional and everyday wear because they’re light on the ears; while chandelier styles are best for evenings out on the town. Try for some inexpensive and fun style earrings sure to match any occasion.

5. Women: Victoria Secret mist/splash

These fragrances are associated with teenagers and night club dancers! Avoid wearing them in public, or someone may get the wrong impression!

If there are particular ‘notes’ that you like in your fragrance, for instance, roses or sandalwood, visit your local Sephora! They have an on-screen guide in stores to help you choose the perfect perfume based on the notes you select! They allow you to try on designer perfumes for free as well as offer free samples, so you have the option of taking a few selections home and trying it again, to figure out if you really like it before you purchase it.

Being an adult is all about making small investments for yourself!


This fragrance was launched in 1996, and is currently sold in pharmacies… enough said!

You can also visit your local Sephora to choose the notes you like, which will help in the selection of a cologne. However, more than likely if you like one of Curve’s five different “flavors” you’ll like Polo Blue by Ralph Lauren, which has notes of amber and melon for a casual and inviting scent; or Gucci by Gucci, which has notes of tobacco and violet for an alluring scent! Pick up a few samples, test them out and watch the ladies follow!

6. Men and Women: Acid wash denim jackets

Wearing this jacket at your age is a clear indicator that you’re stuck in a time warp! I think that denim jackets are wardrobe essentials, just not in acid wash!

Levi’s does a great job with balancing young and hip with classic and contemporary, allowing majority of their pieces to be wardrobe staples in anyone’s closet from 16 to 65! There are fashionable, smart and affordable denim jackets that can be worn with collared shirts, khaki slacks or floral dresses for those Spring work days ahead of us!

7. Women: Too-short mini skirts

Women over 30 should not be caught dead wearing a short, tight mini skirt! You might think you look like the main photo above in your hot Spring mini, but unless you’ve been hitting the gym regularly and eating right for years, you probably look a lot more like this:

An appropriate skirt should hit just above your knees. Flattering pencil cuts and A-line skirts should fill your void once you toss out the school girl minis! Try the Gap or Ann Taylor for some looks that will fit your budget and your booty!

The list of fashion NO’s go on… it’s difficult to stop here. Ill fitting underwear and embroidered denim are more obvious examples of bad taste for adults, but we’ll come back for more soon! With small changes to your wardrobe you’ll be building a functional closet just in time for the next season!

Thank me later!

For more tips on what to use or lose, hit Erika Nunez on Twitter @ErikasNStyle

Erika Nunez is personal shopper and Image Director for the BLuxe Group. She provides occasion-specific wardrobe for entertainers and business professionals featured in magazine editorials, music videos,advertisement and press appearances.

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Erika Nunez is personal shopper and Image Director for the BLuxe Group. She provides occasion-specific wardrobe for entertainers and business professionals featured in magazine editorials, music videos, advertisement and press appearances. Follow her at @ErikasNStyle on Twitter

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