Tea-Time Challenge! Disconnect from Stress During National Hot Tea Month



By: Dove

According to Kaiser research, Americans spend a nearly 12 hours a day on computers, smart phones, laptops, iPads… you name it, we are connected to it. Considering we are supposed to sleep 7-8 hours a night, when are you actually getting time for yourself? Ah… what a question.

It just so happens that January is “National Hot Tea Month”, so our friends at Tetley Tea have issued a “Tea-Time Challenge” to encourage us to unplug, unwind and breaaaathe. And guess what? This will only take a few minutes out of your day – enough time to refocus, give yourself a stretch, and go back to work with new enthusiasm!

“Taking time to disconnect is key to relieving screen-induced stress,” says Tetley Tea’s Marc Birnbaum. “We’re challenging America to take time for themselves with a new relaxing ritual. In just 15 minutes, you can enjoy a cup of tea and refresh your entire day.”

Whether you work nine-to-five or run around all day freelancing, 4:00pm should be a good marker for some quiet time. Click your phone on silent, let your desktop or laptop go into sleep mode, and start the Tetley Tea-Time turndown:

– 1 minute to pick out your favorite mug – we’re talking a real, ceramic mug. Nothing with a lid, nothing paper, and no cardboard sleeves allowed.
– 2 minutes to heat up the water. No peeking at your phone while the water boils!
– 2 minutes to steep your tea. Don’t try to speed up the steeping with unnecessary dunks.
– 10 minutes to sit, relax, and enjoy!

Commit to taking this special “me” time five days in a row. And if it feels good, keep going! We deserve to treat ourselves right, and you’ll be thankful for these few minutes each day.

Thank you to Tetley Tea for the smart tips!

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