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Action-friendly actor Andre Tricoteux is taking his experience in stunt work to new heights as he hits theaters in 2016 in two films with massive fan bases. Not that he can’t handle massive though, as Tricoteux stands at an impressive 6’10” – perfect for dominating the motion capture action he’ll be taking on as Colossus in Marvel’s Deadpool, and as the Orc War Captain in Warcraft.

Over the past five years, Tricoteux got his feet wet with bit parts and stunt work in films and TV shows like ABC’s successful Once Upon A Time, but really took off in 2015 with the recurring role of Chief on The CW’s iZombie season two, which continues with new episodes this month. In addition to busting moves alongside Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool in February and Travis Fimmel and Daniel Wu in Warcraft in June, Andre also has roles in Kindergarten Cop 2 with Dolph Lundgren and Bill Bellamy (the original film was made in 1990), and the upcoming revamped TV series Electra Woman and Dyna Girl (who remembers that campy fun from the ’70s?).

Despite his crazy schedule, Andre is also dealing with one of the most difficult tragedies anyone can face – the loss of his beloved wife just last Summer. When we spoke with Tricoteux about his rising star, we also learned what it has been like for him managing so many projects while struggling with grief. Read on…

How does it feel to be a part of the Marvel family now?

AT: Great. I was really thrilled to have the opportunity, especially to be a part of this one, because I think it’s gonna be really unique compared to some of the other material that’s come out, and I think the fans are gonna love it. I think its gonna be a home run for Marvel and for Fox. The Colossus character is actually one of the original X-Men. He was written in the comic books in the late ’70s, so there’s a lot of history with him. The hardcore fans have known about him for a long time.

What do you feel is different about what you’re doing with this project as opposed to what Marvel done in the past? With the character and storyline do you feel that it’s evolving?

AT: I think Deadpool in his own right is currently one of the most successful comic characters in print right now. There’s a big fan base behind the Deadpool character. Everybody likes that kind of anti-hero, smartass, ass-kicker. In terms of the Colossus I play in this movie, it was really important to know that the directors really tried to have Colossus true to the comic book story, so we concentrated on making him true to his roots for this movie. I’m hoping fans will appreciate that and enjoy a new version on this character.

What do you want to happen on your path in Hollywood?

AT: I just want to continue to get interesting roles and get opportunities to apply my craft, and the opportunity to continue to work on interesting projects. Obviously I know this is gonna be a big opportunity for me, and I’ve got some other irons in the fire too. Warcraft is coming out in June 2016, and I’ve got a nice recurring role on the new season of iZombie on the CW Network.

I just want to continue to work and do well and pick opportunities as they come up. It was thrill to work with these guys. It was great working with Ryan [Reynolds]. He’s just a fantastic talent and super all around great guy. Everybody in [Deadpool] was great. Everybody got along really well, it was really a fun and positive atmosphere on set, the script was fantastic and the performances were great. Ryan was fantastic, Ed [Skrein] was great, Gina [Carano] is unbelievable, it was just really a thrill. I just hope that I carry on doing great work.

Through all of your success, you had to cope with losing your wife to cancer. Have you been active with any cancer awareness groups?

AT: She was sick when I was shooting Deadpool, but to be honest we kind of thought we had control over it. It took a turn at the last second. But it was important for her that I push through, carry one, and not drop out and stuff. I just really focused on being there for her at night and do my job during the day.

Right now I’m still just trying to cope with life and kind of get through this grief. She died of melanoma which is a form of skin cancer – I don’t think a lot of people realize how dangerous it is. I’m gonna be trying to do some work to spread awareness so people realize how serious this is. It took out one of the strongest people I’ve known in my life. I was ignorant to the danger of it as well. I’m just trying to carry on, and anything I can do with any charity I’m more than happy to do.

What are some of the things that you are doing to work through tragedy for yourself?

AT: Life can be a cruel mistress sometimes. It’s probably the best year of my career, but on a personal level the worst year of my life. I really just try to focus on living in her memory. She was a really strong and independent woman full of courage, and she had a real zeal for life. It would be easy for me to call it quits and fall into depression, but I’m just really trying to focus on being positive. I’m training, exercising a lot, and going to counseling. I’m just trying to find positive things everyday to focus on so that’s all I’m trying to do right now.

What are you looking forward to the most in 2016?

AT: It’s really a great time to be in television and film. There’s such a demand for content. With Netflix and Hulu bringing original content to their fan bases, there’s just a lot of great projects on the go and stories being told. It’s just an exciting time to be a part of the industry. My character on iZombie is just a really fascinating guy, and I’m really enjoying figuring out who he is and bringing him to the iZombie family. I really hope that they’ll enjoy him. I’m just gonna look for future opportunities, keep applying my craft, continue to train, work on myself, try to put out good work and help out where I can.

What is the craziest stunt that you’ve had to do so far?

AT: Most of the stunts… it’s a lot of film fighting, some wire work and stuff. I do a lot of creature acting and motion-capture acting and stuff. I’ve never had to do anything crazy besides being ratcheted… steel wire is attached to a harness that you wear and the other end of the wire is on hydraulics and it basically fires you back or in any direction at accelerated speeds. Those can hurt a little bit. With the movie Warcraft, people who are fans of hard stunts need to watch.

If you could go back in time and pick a movie to re-produce and/or star in, what would it be and what would your role be?

AT: There are so many I would like to go back to do. I was big fan of the ’80s action classics that Arnold [Schwarzenegger] and Sylvester Stallone put out. Everybody loves the Rocky movies. The Godfather would be great. One of my cult favorite movies of all time was Big Trouble in Little China with Kurt Russell. I would love to go in and be in that movie.

What do you want people to know most about you at this stage of your life and career?

AT: I’m just like everybody else, working hard to chase my dreams. I just got kinda kicked in the face by life recently, but I’m gonna soldier on, get up, and keep moving forward. That’s all you can really do, try to push forward. I’m not the only one that had tragedies and hardships and stuff. I just choose to get up and keep moving on. I’m just going to keep trying to do my thing, stay positive, and move forward in life.

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  1. “Life can be a cruel mistress” bringing joy and happiness. He spoke true words and kudos to him for being able to make important strides in career while dealing with a difficult situation.

  2. I am glad he is working hard and going to counseling. I know some people say they got a hold of the grief but grief eventually gets a hold of them before they realize it.

    On the other note, so cool to hear about his stunts and can’t wait to see the films when they come out this year!!!