Sexual Peak at 36?! Chris Rock Talks Marriage, Parenting on the Road on The View and Jimmy Kimmel!


By: Dove

As a part of his promo run for the movie Grown Ups, Chris Rock appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night (June 23) to discuss how traveling for work affects his family life, and how he feels about his wife and mother writing books:

And here is Chris on The View today (June 24) discussing whether or not people reach their sexual peak at age 36, and how marriage plays into the situation. He also mentions why the cast of Grown Ups had to step up their comedic game for the film:

For more conversation about reaching your sexual peak, here’s another clip from The View‘s roundtable discussing the topic. Love Elisabeth Hasselbeck‘s method of using self-tanning lotion to keep her husband at bay! Ha!

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