Marco Polo Trailer: 13th Century Drama on Netflix!


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I’m a sucker for period pieces, especially television that gets down and dirty with the “real” stories behind historic figures we read about as kids. Netflix has released the official trailer for their upcoming exclusive series Marco Polo, and it looks ripe with plotting, deceit and other juicy drama throughout 10 episodes.

Marco Polo has some familiar faces like Chin Han (The Dark Knight, Captain America: The Winter Solidier), Rick Yune (Olympus Has Fallen, The Man with the Iron Fists) and Joan Chen, whom you may remember from the classic Twin Peaks series. Newer stars include lead actor Lorenzo Richelmy as Marco Polo, and Australian native Mahesh Jadu. British actor Benedict Wong (Prometheus) appears as Kublai Khan, a leader of the Mongol Empire.

Of course the actors are prettier, cleaner and have much better dental hygiene than I imagine they had in the 1200’s, however it’s all about the story, and I’m here for that!

Watch the trailer below, and get ready for the series to debut on December 12 on Netflix!

Synopsis from NetFlix: In a world replete with greed, betrayal, sexual intrigue and rivalry, MARCO POLO follows the famed explorer’s adventures in Kublai Khan’s court in 13th Century China. The sweeping drama’s ten episodes were shot in Italy, Kazakhstan and Malaysia. The global cast includes Lorenzo Richelmy, Benedict Wong (Prometheus), Joan Chen (Twin Peaks), Chin Han (Arrow, The Dark Knight), Zhu Zhu (Cloud Atlas), Olivia Cheng (The Flash, Broken Trail), Claudia Kim (Avengers: Age of Ultron), Mahesh Jadu (Neighbours), Tom Wu (Skyfall), Remy Hii (Treading Water), Uli Latukefu (Devil’s Playground) and Rick Yune (Olympus Has Fallen, The Fast and the Furious). John Fusco, who wrote the Academy-Award nominated feature Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, created the series and is executive producer and showrunner along with Dan Minahan, whose previous work includes Homeland and Game of Thrones. Academy-Award nominated directors Joachim Rønning and Espen Sandberg (Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales) directed the first two hours and serve as executive producers.

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