Power Season 2 Exclusive Look: Ghost Rebuilds His Empire; Kanan Out for Blood


By: Dove

When we talked with Omari Hardwick back in 2010 and asked him if he’d ever consider working with rappers like 50 Cent on projects, he said:

I’m so open to that. It would be very hypocritical of me to tell you I stretch the limits and boundaries where others won’t and then not be open to somebody who might be able to stretch those same boundaries. I actually read for 50 Cent, for his Get Rich Or Die Trying movie.

I’m open, I’m not one of those cats judging anyone trying to bring anything to a project. I’m only going to bring my truth to it, and if I feel that they dropped the ball, I might make that publicly known or I might keep it to myself, but I’m not going in with a closed mind, because they might be better than every Hollywood producer I’ve ever worked with.

So let’s call it destiny that Hardwick not only went on to work with 50 Cent in Starz’ Power, but that the show became a breakout hit, and garnered a new wave of subscribers for the budding network. I’m not saying I caused that, but I’ll say we put some good energy in the air for the magic to happen. Smiley face.

In recent weeks since the Season 2 trailer debuted, Power fans have been urging fans of other shows (*ahem*) to get up on Power before the new episodes begin. And with good cause!

In this brand new UrbLife exclusive clip from Starz, we see our original cast of Omari Hardwick (James St. Patrick aka Ghost), Joseph Sikora (Tommy), Lela Loren (Angela), Naturi Naughton (Tasha St. Patrick) and 50 Cent (Kanan) all returning. Ghost will be fighting for his business, life and family as ex-love and current side-chick Lela goes in for the take-down. Kanan is out of jail and on a mission to take over Ghost’s entire operation. Tommy is finally pushing Ghost to see the truth, and Tasha is probably somewhere still whining about her lot in life, diddling about with the security guard. But we’ll see about that, won’t we?

In this visual we also catch a glimpse of Rotimi, a brilliant young actor and singer who co-starred in Kelsey Grammar’s Boss, which was tragically canceled after only two seasons on Starz. Quick reco, go watch that on Netflix, you won’t be sorry.

Additionally, Power‘s new storylines will feature Jerry Ferrara of Entourage fame as an attorney with a dark past. Then again, pretty much every character on the show has some type of skeleton(s) in their closet.

Watch this exclusive new Power clip, and be sure to tune in to Starz on June 6 for the Season 2 premiere!

For more updates and info on Power, go to Starz.com/originals/power and follow the show on Twitter @Power_Starz and Facebook.com/Power.Starz

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    1. It’s crazy that I never heard of Power until that other show blew up. I will definitely have to check out Power. I need to find past season’s episodes so I can catch up.

    2. @plantedbliss:disqus Yes!! it’s def worth your time. It’s still got that dramatic soap opera appeal, but far less corny.