The Gen-X Files: Hot TV Moms! 7 Sexy Women with Complicated Families, Deadly Ties and Major Issues!


By: Adam Bernard

TV moms have evolved a lot since the days of Carol Brady and Maggie Seaver. No longer just stay-at-home ladies who make sure the kids are fed, our Gen-X TV moms have jobs, and make it known that they are sexual beings.

We all recognized the Seavers had kids, but did anyone actually imagine romantic interludes between the Growing Pains parental units? I mean, other than right now, because you just read those words… my apologies if I burned the image of Alan Thicke and Joanna Kerns bumping and grinding into your brain.

Now we have moms we actually like to imagine in the sack – no disrespect intended to Maggie Seaver. In fact, some fictional moms are actresses we used to crush on as kids, which means there’s absolutely nothing Oedipal about appreciating the beauty of’s top hot TV moms from the past few years.

1. Sophia Vergara (b. 1972)
Gloria Delgado-Pritchett on Modern Family

Holy Jesus flippin Christmas! Sophia Vergara doesn’t just qualify as a hot TV mom, the Colombian stunner qualifies as one of the most beautiful women on the planet. A lot of women may take one look at her and say “Hey, they should have cast a more realistic looking mother,” but guess what? She’s a mother in real life, too. In fact, her son is turning 20 this year.

If this is a modern day wife, I’m looking to get married ASAP!

2. Megyn Price (b. 1971)
Claudia Finnerty on Grounded For Life

Grounded For Life was one of the most under-appreciated sitcoms in recent memory, and one of the many reasons to take a second look at it is Megyn Price. Okay, judging by this picture of her, maybe that’s two reasons to take a second look.

The cool thing about Price’s character was that she wasn’t just pretty, she was snarky, funny, and overall very cool. If you thought she looked a little young to have a teenager you’re not wrong, she was only 12 years older than the actress that played her daughter.

3. Laura Leighton (b. 1968)
Ashley Marin on Pretty Little Liars

In the mid ’90s there was an apartment complex a lot of us would have loved to take up residence in, and that was Melrose Place. Leighton played Sydney Andrews on the show, but recently she has a new role, playing Hanna Marin’s mom on ABC Family’s hit show Pretty Little Liars.

On PLL she’s actually a pretty good mom. She protects her daughter and does her best as a single parent. Heck, she’s even taken in Hanna’s friends at different points in time. All that and she still manages to stay hot. That’s quite the feat!

4. Nia Peeples (b. 1961)
Pam Fields on Pretty Little Liars

Nicole from Fame is all growsed up, and 22 years after her first appearance on the classic ’80s show she’s now the mom of a lesbian swim champ on Pretty Little Liars. At first her character didn’t take the news very well that her daughter, Emily, preferred girls, but she’s come around to it, and even let her stay in town when the rest of the family had to move.

Peeples is proving that true beauty can live forever in TV land.

5. Melinda Clarke (b. 1969)
Julie Cooper-Nichol on The O.C.

Proving that this is a list of hot moms, and not good moms, we have Melinda Clarke. Her character on The O.C. slept with her eldest daughter’s ex-boyfriend, and sent another one of the same daughter’s ex-boyfriends on a murder mission to Mexico.

Clearly her maternal instincts were lacking, but she certainly looked good while being bad. It’s not like she needed to seduce her daughter’s ex-boyfriend, as he was the one who approached her, along with countless others.

6. Jean Louisa Kelly (b. 1972)
Kim Warner on Yes, Dear

In an otherwise forgettable show we were given a mom worth remembering. Jean Louisa Kelly is the sole reason anyone should tune in to reruns of Yes, Dear. Her character’s kids weren’t exactly teenagers, which gives her the advantage of being a young mom, but I’ve seen young TV moms before, and they weren’t all this good looking.

There was one episode of Yes, Dear, that featured an I Dream of Jeannie outfit that was… well, let’s just say she fit into it quite nicely.

7. Drea de Matteo (b. 1972)
Gina Tribbiani on Joey

Speaking of forgettable shows, the Friends spinoff Joey was a disaster in more ways than anyone can count. One of the lone positive aspects of the show was that it featured Sopranos starlet Drea de Matteo as Joey’s sister, who happened to have a grown son from a teen pregnancy.

In an ironic twist, this show was dragged out into the woods and shot just like de Matteo’s character on The Sopranos.

Honorable Mention

Sarah Michelle Gellar (b. 1977)
Siobhan Martin and Bridget Kelly on Ringer

Sarah Michelle Gellar gets an honorary nod, because between her two characters on Ringer there is some motherhood involved, although it’s very confusing to explain. Both of her characters have been a stepmom at some point, and one of her characters had a son who died in a car accident. So technically neither character is a full mom right now, but they’ve both had motherhood duties.

Also, I’ve loved SMG since Buffy, and I was going to find a way to get her on this list.

Let us know if you have any sexy Gen-X TV moms to add to this list!


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  1. I love the picture you chose. She’s throwing her hands up in the air as if to say “hey, what about me, jerkface!” Had I ever seen Ugly Betty she definitely would have had a spot on my list.

    Truthfully, and I hope she doesn’t read this, but I totally forgot she had an acting career. I solely think of her as a singer. To take it a step further, I solely think of her as the image on the cover of her Comfort Zone album. 🙂

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