Auto Tuned! Prince Malik Revs Up with Collection of Custom Rides [ULx Exclusive]


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We’ve all heard popular music artists carry on about their cars, jewels and exotic travels, but it’s rare that any of them actually live the lifestyle without the help of some poorly spent label advances. In the case of business mogul and songwriter Prince Malik, everything in his world has been earned through education, hard work, and a true passion for his many crafts.

When he’s not being a doctor by day (and he really is a doctor), working out with his personal trainer, or hanging with his celebrity friends like rapper Jim Jones, Malik is often hidden away in his home studio, creating new songs with inspiration from several genres of music.

Although he is not a rapper himself, Malik has done collaborations with several Hip Hop notables like Juelz Santana, Fabolous and Fat Joe. His new album LifeStyle will be released in 2011, and Malik will have plenty of celebrating to do for all his hard work. Of course, if you work hard then you absolutely must play hard, and Malik is no stranger to a good night on the town.

Recently, Prince Malik invited out to his beautiful mansion in Queens to check out a portion of his unique car collection. Needless to say, it’s pretty impressive to see everything from a Rolls to a custom limo parked right outside someone’s house! Take a look at these pics we snapped as Malik walked us around his property to explain what each ride means to him.

Malik: This is my Bentley. When they came out, they were advertising it as the world’s fastest four-door sedan. I was dying to get a particular color that nobody heard of, it wasn’t custom, but they had made it for someone, and the guy didn’t take it, so I said “I’ll take it!”

[Note: the interior on the Bentley is a smooth caramel color, I’m guessing it’s their official color “Autumn”, with wood grain finish]

This is my limo that I use mostly for the music. It’s a custom-made Cadillac. They made a little VIP section at the back, so sometimes I’ll have fun with my friends and put a red rope around it. I’ll have a guy sit at the door with a list – there’s nothing on the list, but he’ll ask “are you on the list?” and they ask “What list?!” and he’ll point and tell them where to sit.

At the top of my garage door… this was a racing car that I crashed, so I put the bumper there just for the memories.

I love designing stuff, so this [Dodge Viper] is a car I designed myself. I like the viper on the front. This car has won awards twice at [the car show]at Jacob Javits Center.

The bike up there [on a lift]is the world’s fastest bike, a [Suzuki] Hayabusa with the turbo on it.

I have a farm upstate, over 400 acres, where we go off-roading. I brough this one here because of the snow. We have a lot of fun in the mud with these!

My Lamborghini Gallardos aren’t here – I have a 207 and a 205.  This is my Phantom [Rolls-Royce], it’s extended so I have enough room to sit at the back.

That’s my Hummer. It’s also custom, it’s for the guys when we hang out. We have big screen TV’s in there. These are all LEDs – you can light up the whole house with that, they had to put extra batteries on there. There is Direct TV on the top – I’m a boxing fan. My best friend Zab [Judah] is my favorite boxer – we’ve been friends for about 12 years.

We’ll have more from the ever-fascinating Prince Malik coming soon to! Check out Malik’s EPK for the LifeStyle album, along with his full-length video for “Billionaire” featuring Jim Jones, Zab Judah and Yung Joc, which was shot at Malik’s mansion.

Find out more about Prince Malik on his official site, and follow him on Twitter @PrinceMalik

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