NFL 2010: Week 6 Top Disappointments! Favre’s Faux Pas?! Pacman’s PD Mishap! Kansas City Blues?!


By: Isha “Ice” Cole

Welcome back football fanatics! As we enter into Week 6 of the 2010 season, we currently we have no undefeated teams, still no idea if Brett Favre really sent out “those” photos, and still no Mike Vick. On deck is another action packed weekend of football, so join as we a look back at last week’s Top 7 disappointments in the NFL!

1. The previously undefeated Kansas City Chiefs lost to the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday 10/10/10 by 10 points, with a final score of 19-9. This marks the first time since 1970 that the NFL has no 4-0 teams. Shout out to the Chiefs for starting the season off strong, despite the loss!

2. It wasn’t me! That’s probably what Adam “Pacman” Jones was saying when Cincinnati police detained him on Sunday (Oct. 10). The Bengals Defensive Back was held in a police car for an outstanding warrant, but it turned out that this was a bad case of mistaken identity. The police chief did apologize, but this is a major screw up on behalf of the Cincinnati PD!

3. Marc Colombo was fined $5,000 by the NFL for a late hit on a defender during the Tennessee Titans versus Dallas Cowboys game. Colombo, a tackle for the Dallas Cowboys, also received a penalty during the game for excessive celebration after tight end Jason Witten scored a touchdown.

4. Six-year veteran Shawne Merriman, outside linebacker from the San Diego Chargers, was placed on the injured reserve list. Once Merriman recovers from his calf injury, he will be released from the team.

Video: Salary Cap Analyst J.I. Halsell discusses with John Riggins, Lou Holder, & Tod Castleberry the fake injury controversy surrounding Gilbert Arenas, the end of the Shawne Merriman era in San Diego via Reserve/Injured, and why Donovan McNabb shouldn’t be in any hurry to do an extension with the Redskins.

5. Starting cornerback Cedric Griffin from the Minnesota Vikings will be out for the rest of the season due to yet another major knee injury. Griffin initially injured the knee last January in the NFC championship, but he re-injured it during Monday night’s (Oct. 11) game against the New York Jets.

6. Yes, another player has been fined, and this time it’s the Detroit Lions wide receiver Nate Burleson. The NFL fined Burleson $15,000 for kicking a ball into the stands then lifting his jersey to reveal the message “What up Doe” during Sunday’s (Oct. 10) match up with the St. Louis Rams.

7. Veteran quarterback Brett Favre from the Minnesota Vikings may sit out the next game if the tendonitis in his throwing elbow get worse. At the same time, Favre is also facing allegations that he sent racy messages and photos to Jenn Sterger, a woman who worked for the New York Jets when Favre was on the team. The NFL is reviewing the situation, and Favre could be fined or suspended if violated the personal conduct policy. Suspension for sexting?? Say it ain’t so Brett!

What was your biggest disappointment this past week? Please vote and let us know your thoughts!

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