NFL 2010: Week 7 Top Disappointments! Drunken Dips, Broke Budgets and Penalty Problems!


By: Isha “Ice” Cole

Here we go again folks! Week 6 was crazy in the NFL after many players were hurt, causing the league to crack down on brazen hits. Despite the mishaps, a great season of football continues on! Check out’s biggest disappointments heading into week 7!

1. The Dallas Cowboys ship is still sinking after their 24 to 21 loss to Minnesota Vikings. During the game, the now 1-4 Cowboys managed to receive 11 penalty flags, they now have 49 penalties this season.

2. DeSean Jackson of the Philadelphia Eagles will not play in this weekend’s game versus the Tennessee Titans. Jackson sustained a concussion after a head on collision with Dunta Robinson of the Atlanta Falcons. Watch the video – it was definitely a hard hit!

3. Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison was considering retirement after the NFL fined him $75,000 for an illegal hit, but he is now making an appeal. During Sunday’s match up with the Cleveland Browns, Harrison took both Mohamed Massaquoi and Josh Cribbs out of the game with concussions, and he didn’t seem to have that much remorse: “You don’t want to injure people. I don’t want to injure anybody. But I’m not opposed to hurting anybody.” Yes, he’s a monster!

4. Indianapolis Colts punter Pat McAfee was arrested for having a blood-alcohol level of 0.15 percent (twice the legal limit for driving in Indiana) after taking a drunken swim in a canal. McAfee is suspended for one game, November 1 against the Houston Texans. McAfee doesn’t know why he was swimming in the canal… The world may never know why either:

5. San Francisco can’t get a break! The new 49ers’ stadium has been pushed back to 2015 due to the lack of funds. On top of being held back by financial woes, the 49ers are currently struggling this season with only one win thus far.

6. Mark Sanchez was interception free until last Sunday’s match up between the Denver Broncos, which they won in overtime. In spite of his two interceptions in the first half, Sanchez led the New York Jets to a 24-20 victory. We see you Mark, but please make sure you see one of your players before throwing the ball!!!

7. Tight end Dallas Clark from the Indianapolis Colts is out for the season. Clark, who was placed on injured reserve, suffered the injury during Week 6, and will need surgery. Hopefully no one else gets hurt or drunk, because the Colts are falling apart!

What was your biggest disappointment heading into Week 7? Let us know!!

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