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As Reggie Noble a.k.a. Redman celebrates the release of his seventh album Reggie, which was released December 7 on Def Jam, the busy emcee is touring and taking life a little more seriously. While the album is void of Redman’s world-famous skits, that doesn’t mean that he’s not having fun.

If you’re a fan, then you already know that Noble’s third favorite past time when he’s not writing songs is playing video games. Over the years, he has been a featured character in NBA 2K1, NBA 2K6, True Crime: New York City, Def Jam: Vendetta, Def Jam: Icon and Def Jam: Fight for New York.

In this exclusive, the spirited rapper gave us a little background on his love for gaming, what he really thinks about Def Jam Rapstar, and a list of his Top 7 favorite video games of all time!

How did you get involved in participating and appearing in video games?

Redman: I was into video games since the first Atari, and ended up being in a video game later on. I was astounded really, as much as I like video games. In the end of  the ‘90s I was in the NBA joint, then I started being in the new Def Jam games, and I’m affiliated with the movement. I think the music industry and gaming industry clashing was a good thing.

How much influence or input did you have in your own characterization in the games?

Redman: I had a lot of influence [in my characters], I had a great input. When I run into kids in the street they tell me they like being me in the games, so I guess I did my thing.

Have you played Def Jam Rapstar much, and how do you like it?

Redman: I played it a couple of times, and did a little DJ set with it in Germany about six months ago. I played it in Vegas when they started introducing it more. It was good, it’s fun – I think it’s a good learning experience for the kids, and it’s fun to have at parties. It’s very challenging.

I also think it’s a good learning experience not just for fans, but for other artists too. Even by me playing it, I did the Pete Rock & CL Smooth song [T.R.O.Y.], and I learned a lot of lyrics that I thought I was saying right but I wasn’t. [laughs]I’m real big on pushing the Hip Hop movement, and by me saying CL Smooth lyrics, it gave me more appreciation for what he was talking about.

Redman attempts Tupac’s “I Get Around” on Def Jam Rapstar at the 2010 E3 Convention

What upcoming video games are you looking forward to?

Redman: I kind of lifted off the games a little bit because now I’m engineering and got more into the music, and I know once you’re on a game and trying to complete a whole game it takes days, I ain’t had that time in a couple of years. But if they come out with a Counter Strike part 2, or Doom… I’m a big, big fan of Doom. I wish they’d make a new NBA Jam [Midway, 1993]… I like all the NBA games – if I play any sports games it’s basketball.

[Note: Redman got his wish, as EA Sports just released a new version of NBA Jam for Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360]

So what are your Top 7 games of all time?

1. Counter-Strike – I’m a big fan of first-person shooting games – I’m not a big sports fan, I don’t play Madden – I suck. Counter Strike was one of my favorite first-person shooting games, and I wish they would make a part two and three of that.

2. Call of Duty – I’m always looking forward to the new Call of Duty releases.

3. Burnout

4. WWF Legends of Wrestling – The old one on Super Nintendo. There was one we played on Sega too… [Redman references Showdown, which was the third installment of the series, only on PS2. He enters into side conversation with his friend about playing Sega in the back of the bus… it was most likely WWF Royal Rumble]

5. Bode Miller Alpine Skiing – I could do 180’s and sh*t…

6. Mortal Kombat – Definitely…

7. Street Fighter – Definitely!

Watch Redman’s “Def Jammable” video from the album Reggie! Follow him on Twitter @TheRealRedman

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