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You may remember his face best as a co-star of the box office smash film Dreamgirls, but Keith Robinson was no newcomer to entertainment when the movie hit theaters in 2006. An active songwriter and performer for most of his life, Robinson has spent the past few months preparing new music and film projects for fans to enjoy.

On February 3, 2012, Robinson celebrated the debut of Dysfunctional Friends, in which co-stars alongside familiar faces like Stacey Dash, Meagan Good, Terrell Owens, Reagan Gomez-Preston, Wesley Jonathan, Persian White, Jason Weaver, Hosea Sanchez and more. Keith also contributed to the soundtrack for the film, and recently shot the video for “Same Rules.”

With roles in several upcoming films, Keith still found time to start recording a new album. Even then, he’s sure to make time for himself with some travel to some of the most interesting destinations in the world. In this exclusive Carry On feature, Keith Robinson gives us his Top 7 favorite vacation spots, and explains why making music from his heart is often much more difficult than becoming another person on screen. Read on!

What are your Top 7 favorite getaway spots, and what do you enjoy most about each place?

1. Anguilla

The water is completely clear blue. The scenery is great, the weather is great, and the price for a hotel is incredible. It’s right on the ocean, it’s like paradise for real.

I like staying at The Viceroy of Anguilla. And they have good golf courses.

2. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

I love the people and the weather and the scenery. Carnival is amazing!

3. Buenos Aires, Argentina

It’s beautiful. They have great eats and great wines. Tango dance is very big there, it’s like a really big part of the culture.

There’s this one restaurant where the owner had aspired to be a famous tango dancer, but for some reason didn’t make it. He built this Tango restaurant, its three stories. At the bottom they do this Tango play and you eat dinner, he’s the star of it. All of these Tango dancers are waiters, they are amazing. I don’t know the name of the restaurant, but the food is amazing. The show is very passionate and pretty amazing. It’s like a stage play with Tango.

4. Turks and Caicos Islands

I just like to lay on the beach with someone that I’m really digging and drink rum punch. It’s a very relaxing place and very romantic.

5. Miami, Florida

I like to hang out on the beach. I like the clubs, the nightlife is very full. And I love the deep sea fishing.

6. Santa Barbara, California

Everything is great out there!

7. New York, New York

I would recommend catching a Broadway play. My favorite of all time was Tap Dance Kid, which I saw as a kid.

What got you into the mode that you want to just go hard with music?

Keith Robinson: I’ve been into music my whole career. Music is first, people are just finding out about it. My acting career is second, music has always been first.

Do you intend on re-releasing some stuff that’s been out in the past so people can learn more about your music?

KR: Yeah, I do plan on it, right now it’s just about letting people know that it’s there. I definitely would like to re-release some stuff as we progress. The more you mature as an artist, the better your material is so I’m excited about this new material.

What do you feel this record says about where you’re at in your life and in your career?

KR: I think it represents a personal understanding of life and love from my perspective. Through trial and error you kind of learn newer and greater ways to express it. So hopefully the music reflects that.

Do you have any intentions of doing any theater or movies in the near future, or are you going to stick with music?

KR: I’m in Dysfunctional Friends, and I’m working on others. I’m actually scoring, a lot of the projects I’ve had in the past I’ve had some musical influence, but now I’m trying to focus on having a perspective musically and dramatically.

What would you say is harder, making an album or filming a movie?

KR: Making an album, because there’s no script or no direction. The direction has to led by you creatively and the power that you’re working with. Whether that connection with the public, it could be elusive. It’s such a big never-ending talent, creating from your perspective, the blueprint is infinite. Those of us that can make a great song and capture it in an album that people can identify with, that’s why they call it a hit, because they figure that’s what everybody likes.

“Same Rules” video from the Dysfunctional Friends Soundtrack

Dysfunctional Friends trailer

“My Hustle” video

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