Paul Wall Gives Happy Home Tips! Top 7 Family Keepers [ULx Exclusive]


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Texas native Paul Wall has built a successful career in music, as well as with his Expensive Taste clothing line (co-owned with Travis Barker and Skinhead Rob) and world-famous jeweled grills, but it’s the success of his family that brings him true joy in life.

The magnetic entrepreneur married his wife Crystal in 2005, and together they have two beautiful children. In this exclusive, we asked Paul Wall for his Top 7 relationship secrets, and exactly how he keeps his heart at home.

1. Put God first. You’ve got to put God first in your house. I think that’s most important.

2. Compromise. You have to compromise.

3. It’s ok to be wrong. I’m so stubborn and used to arguing with people, trying to fight for what I believe in to be right all the time. If you being wrong is going to keep the peace – then by all means it’s ok to be wrong.

4. Have patience. Patience is another big thing, especially if you have kids. It’s real easy to get angry and frustrated. Sometimes you gotta take a step back, and remember they’re kids doing what they’re supposed to do.

5. Be friends. I’m in love with my best friend and it means something to me, it’s not just a sexual type of thing or an eye candy type of thing. It’s not like I give her the money to manage the household duties and she’s a housewife, or like she’s the nanny… I’m in love with her and she’s my best friend.

6. Trust each other. I don’t think you can ask someone to trust you if you don’t trust them. You give to the relationship what you want to get out of it.

7. Be faithful. If you’re not faithful that always leads to other problems. When people ask me for advice, one of the first things I tell them is, “You’re not being faithful to God and your family, so how can you expect God to bless your relationship?” I look at it like if I cheat on my wife, not only am I cheating on her and my kids, but I’m cheating on God and he’ll take away all of my blessings, and I won’t get any blessings that were lined up for me in the future. If you want someone to be faithful to you, you’ve got to be faithful to them.

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