Tips for Snapping Your Best Holiday Shots from Director David Rousseau


By: David Rousseau and Dove

As the founder of production company CreativeSeen, David Rousseau has brought to life some of the most beautiful visuals you can imagine. The talented video director has worked in the U.S. with the likes of Akon, Lil Wayne, Fat Joe, Mario, Trina and Pitbull, and has expanded his business into Europe and Latin America as well.

Before his own stunning imagery takes shape, Rousseau has to consider the technical aspects of each shot – so who better to run to for advice on taking an epic photo? It might seem like common sense to snap a few pics at the office party, but are you considering what the after-effects of bad timing could bring? Or will you regret your family’s style choices five years from now?

In our quest to retain the best holiday memories this season brings, reached out to David Rousseau for some key tips on making sure your office and family photos are high-quality – and as non-scandalous as possible! Here are his Top 7 suggestions:

1. In the office, avoid shots of employees holding liquor or cigarettes. It’s the holidays, no one has to get fired.

2. Keep it natural. Candids are better. Try to capture the moment as opposed to staging it.

3. If you’re set on staging, arrange nice decorations centered around the holidays, such as the Christmas tree or menorah.

4. For portraits and holiday cards, tell people to avoid crazy colors and clothes. In other words, tell them not to wear anything they’ll be embarrassed about five years from now.

5. Watch your framing. Don’t cut anyone’s heads off, especially your mother-in-law’s. Remember, you want gifts next year.

6. Like the Three Kings, follow the light. Use natural light to your advantage. Don’t shoot in front of a window where the sun is coming straight at the camera.

7. Take pictures before your guests eat so they don’t look stuffed, sleepy, or about to bust out of their clothing.

Bonus Tips:
– Keep the drunk uncles away from the cute girlfriends, at least for the pictures.

– When it comes to photos for holiday cards, tell the family to save the loud sweaters for Goodwill this year!

For some REAL inspiration, watch the CreativeSeen video reel below… WOW!

Watch more of David Rousseau’s work at, and follow him on Twitter @CreativeSeen!

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