Derek J Whips Your Hair in to Shape! Top 7 Summer-to-Fall Tips from Hair Battle Spectacular Star!


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There are all kinds of hair experts on television these days, but not many who have the versatility and know-how of Derek J. After becoming a household name via Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Atlanta, the veteran stylist was recruited as co-host/judge of Oxygen’s Hair Battle Spectacular. The reality show contest kicks off its second season August 15, 2011 with America’s Next Top Model cycle three winner Eva Marcille and snarky stylist Taylor Jacobson from The Rachel Zoe Project joining the cast.

Having participated in hair battles himself for years, Derek J brings his expertise in extreme hair to the very intense bouts on Hair Battle Spectacular. Whether he’s filming a show, creating new hair products, or working out a creative ‘do in his famed Atlanta shop The J Spot, Derek still finds time to give good advice on keeping those tresses fresh.

We recently brushed up on tips to transition our hair from hot Summer to breezy Fall with the King of Coiffure! Read on as Derek J takes the wheel…

1. Condition! In the summer you want to keep your hair well conditioned. The sun can be damaging to the hair, so keeping your hair clean and conditioned on a weekly or bi-weekly plan will ensure you healthy hair through the summer.

2. Weave and let weave. If you don’t have time to do your hair, weave it up! A good weave – be it curly or straight – can save the day in the summer. It allows you to be fabulous all the time.

3. Wet it to protect it. If you are a swimmer in the summertime, make sure you wet your hair with regular tap water first. By wetting you hair first, it swells the cuticle which cuts down the amount of chlorine to enter the hair.

4. Trim time! After the summer is over and your hair has taken a beating, don’t be afraid to get a haircut. Clean lines on any haircut will make damaged hair have a neater look.

5. Go to the dark side. Going into the Fall you should darken your hair color. Darker, richer hair color can camouflage any damaged hair from the summer color.

6. Keep it cool! During the summer try to limit the amount of heat being put on the hair. Roller-sets work great in hot weather, and it will also camouflage any new growth or swelling at the root.

7. Color or relaxer – pick one. You have to make a choice between a relaxer or color, because having two chemical services on the head can cause damage.

Find out more about Derek J and Hair Battle Spectacular at and follow him on Twitter @DerekJHair

If you’re in Atlanta, be sure to get in an appointment at The J Spot!

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