Kanye West Civilization to Power: Abstract Art Fusion from Marco Brambilla for “Power” Video!


By: Dove

Kanye West took a unique approach to his craft when he relaunched his KanyeWest.com blog a while back, incorporating facets of the high-end art world into his array of website presentations. Now the 33-year-old eclectic artist has taken things a step further with his new video for “Power,” which will debut on MTV on August 5.

In this stunning video clip entitled “Civilization to Power,” communications agency The 88 features an intense look at visionary Marco Brambilla‘s masterpiece for Kanye. Born in Italy and educated in Toronto, Ontario, Brambilla (46) is a world renowned photographer and artist, who also directed the 1993 hit film Demolition Man starring Sylvester Stallone and Wesley Snipes.

Note: This video is not safe for work, as it contains some art-influenced nudity.
UPDATED: Video with commentary was removed from YouTube, so here is Brambilla’s “Civilization” video, which shows you where some of Kanye’s “Power” concept comes from:

Final “Power” video (edited version)

Uncensored “Power” version (some artistic nudity):

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