Halloween Party Fun – You’re Never Too Old for This Prank!!


By: Dove
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Ok, so I admit that when it comes to Halloween (or any big holidays for that matter), I’m still a 16-year-old girl looking for a thrill. When Best Buy’s team sent me some videos to check out for good prank ideas, I was drawn to this pretty spectacular bathroom set-up with ways to use useful, cool technology to scare the bejeezus out of your Halloween party guests. Of course this will help if they are already tipsy from your custom witch’s brew, but I think anyone in their right mind would lose it in this mix. Would you do this to your friends?

I think the icing on the cake here would be if you put some super loud horror movie theme music on the JBL speaker, because everyone knows the iconic Jason or Freddie Kruger sounds. Also, chainsaw noises could work, or just program in some gut-wrenching screamo tunes… that’ll get ’em. Whatever you do, be safe and have fun!!!

CLICK HERE for a few more scary ideas utilizing cutting edge technology from Best Buy’s blog, all pretty much ensuring your friends will never forget the night they visited you.

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