Gamer’s Stance: Brink – Shooting with the Best?


By: Aaron Roberson
Courtesy of The Gamer Studio

Another team based shooter has hit the market but this time it brings along a surprise or two. Brink, coming to us courtesy of Bethesda and Splash Damage, relies heavily on squad based combat with an emphasis on helping the team rather than being a lone wolf.

Can Brink stand out amongst other shooters, surprising gamers with graceful poise, or will it be just another flop? The result may shock you once you read what lies in store.

First, Brink deviates from the beaten path where shooters travel for endless miles. Melee attacks, explosives, and team roles have all been retrofitted with a new purpose. Hitting an enemy with the butt of your rifle or slashing their throat open no longer assumes the form of Death’s swift scythe. You simply knock them to the ground, allowing both players a chance to inflict a mortal blow.

Explosives have been reduced from mass murder weapons to tools of crowd control. Hitting your target with a grenade from your launcher will simply knock them down as will the ending explosion. The true downside is pistols are worthless in the chaotic combat existing within Brink. The upside, no longer will we have to dread the possibility of Commando Pro characters ever again.

All in all, this is a very enjoyable shooter to those that are team players. You will encounter the occasional Call Of Duty player or two, which makes your time with Brink worse rather than better. If you fall into the group of solo shooters and never assist in the completion of team goals, stick with COD: Black Ops and leave Brink to us that play well with others.

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