Cuffing Up: Don’t Over-Commit to Your Winter Fling! Tips to Keep Seasonal Romance Honest


By: Ahyiana Angel

We are upon the winter season, and you could very well be on your way to claiming a winter boo, or holding down your own spot as such. You want a little cuddle buddy. It’s cold outside, we get it. However, if you’re not exactly in the market for a long-term relationship, you must proceed with caution.

So what is a winter boo exactly? A companion for a specific duration, during a select season of convenience where additional body heat is desirable. Sometimes it can be challenging to reveal your shallow intentions to your new love interest. Ideally, you want to make sure that the person you are curling up to by the fire is on board with the mutually beneficial circumstance that you two are creating.

I’ve compiled a list of things that you should avoid doing if you are not looking to send the long-term commitment message. Honesty is always the best route. But if the thought of that conversation gives you hives, I hope this list will help you convey your intentions by your actions.

  • Don’t spend more than two nights a week at his or her house

The more time that you spend dwelling in each other’s space, the more you set the stage for a deeper comfort level and connection. Allowing someone into your home can also express that you are inviting them into your life. To avoid them having attachment to your presence, keep it simple. And whatever you do, don’t make it a habit of leaving personal items at their house.

  • Don’t perform extremely romantic gestures

Let’s think of it this way: romance equals relationship. Romance implies that you are being thoughtful, caring, and showing effort. Effort should be minimal with a winter fling. Just enough to play nice.

  • Don’t double date with your friends

An introduction to friends creates a false sense of status. Typically you don’t make plans for your friends to have a scheduled meeting with just anyone you are dating. Meeting the friends screams: “I really like you, so I want my friends evaluation of you as well to see if I’m on the right track.”

  • Don’t exchange holiday gifts over $50

Giving a gift of substantial financial value typically shows investment. Avoid looking cheap by giving a gift that says: “I considered you in purchasing this gift, but it didn’t require me to sacrifice and save up for it.”

  • Don’t ring in the New Year together

A new year always signifies new beginnings and an optimistic disposition for the future year ahead. At midnight when a couple exchanges a kiss, it is thought to strengthen the bond of your relationship moving into the new year. Whether you buy into the superstition or not, don’t get caught kissing him/her at midnight unless you’ve had a change of heart.

In the end, there is nothing wrong with deciding that you actually really like your winter boo and would like to develop a relationship that can last through all of the seasons. Just pay attention to the signs and make sure that, either way, you are not sending or receiving the wrong signals.

About Author

Ahyiana Angel is a former sports entertainment publicist at the National Basketball Association (NBA). Ups and downs with careers, dating, love, and friendships inspired her to create the popular blog “Life According To Her.” Her debut novel Preseason Love (Strebor Books) is available via and stores nationwide.

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