Jay Sean Gets Romantic! Do Men Really Like to Lead? Tips for a Perfect Date!


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It’s Valentine’s Day! For some people who celebrate it’s a glorious occasion, full of love and light; and for others it’s a day to rush at the last minute for that card, flowers and chocolates just to keep your significant other off your back. But who should take the lead on the date? Is it better to go the traditional route, or get a little wild?

UrbLife.com asked international heart throb Jay Sean to give us his version of the perfect date, so while you’re scrambling around like a maniac today for romantic ideas, take notes!

How would you set the mood for your perfect Valentine’s Day date?

Jay Sean: I’m quite romantic, and I believe that if you’re going to go in, go in. Don’t try to be cool about it. A lot of girls like romance. I think really, the point is maybe don’t be cliché about it. Don’t be cheesy, but be thoughtful. Girls appreciate thoughtfulness.

So maybe for example, so you’ve been out window shopping with your girl and she spotted a pair of shoes in the window. Now she didn’t actually go in and get them, but is like “Oh my goodness those are nice” where she paid attention. Buy them for her. It’s the perfect gift, because she’ll be like, “Oh my goodness, I said that once and you paid attention and you knew that I liked them.” Brilliant. I think that that is something they will really appreciate.

I believe there is nothing better than great food, a nice bottle of wine, and good company. I think if you can pick a really nice restaurant too… I would personally pick something cozy; somewhere you can spend a couple of hours. and not necessarily big and lavish. Something real cozy, with brick walls and dim lights. That kind of thing is where I would take a girl. Somewhere laid back and in the cut. I think spend a couple of hours there and have a good time.

I’m into the theater personally. I like the West End and Broadway and stuff like that. If you’re into that, that would be quite fun to go and do that. And who knows where the night will take you? Maybe go for a little bit of bar cruising. Go around and have a few drinks in a few different spots. Obviously have a hotel booked just in case you get lucky. [laughs]

Well you’re a fun date! Let’s pretend now that you’ve had dinner and you were going to relax and have a little more wine. What CDs do you put in the player to romance your woman?

Jay Sean: Definitely slow jams. R&B slow jams. That’s my thing. I would have some Usher on there. I’m a real old school R&B boy though. I would have some Joe and some Donell Jones. It’s really all about the slow jams. Some Jaheim.

What are some things that a woman can do for you or for any man? What are some romantic things that would surprise you?

Jay Sean: Honestly. guys are so predictable. We like guy-ish things like, for example, guys that are into sports if you bought him season tickets. Not even a season ticket, but one ticket to their favorite game that they don’t get a chance to go there. Or gadgets. We’re really into that kind of thing.

For example, my girl bought me the iPhone 4 and she knows I love the iPhone. Now I absolutely love the iPhone 4. It’s unbelievable, the best gadget I have. You know that, for me, may not be in essence stereotypically romantic but she knows that I appreciate it. I think that is more important. Things like that are really cool.

Is it romantic for a woman to take her man to a strip club?

I mean, if you can find a girl that wants to take you to a strip club… [laughs]If that’s something you’re into, then you couldn’t find a better girl! If you can get a girl that knows what you like, that’s awesome.

Do you think men today are more accepting of a woman that takes the lead? Like, “I’m going to cook you dinner” and “I’m going to take you out on Valentine’s Day.” Is that a turn on or turn off?

Jay Sean: It depends on how aggressive. I’m still very traditional. I like to pay, and that’s just how I am. Some girls that are like “I’m not letting a man pay for me! I can pay my own way!” That to me is actually a turn off. A girl is like “I can pay my own way, I’m my own woman.” Ok, I know you can, but I’m just trying to do a nice gesture and be a gentleman here.

I love an independent woman, of course. A woman that has her own job, own money, own career is great. But I really do just sometimes want the girl – it sounds crazy – to just be a girl… to be fun and sweet and laugh and wear cute dresses. Just let the guy do what guys like to do sometimes.

I think guys have a problem, and it’s an ego thing and a testosterone thing, but sometimes if a woman is too overwhelming like that a guy feels that his position as a man is threatened. So the best woman is one who allows the man to feel like they are being a man. We all know that woman can still run everything because they run the whole household. That’s how my mom does and that’s how it is. The key is to let the man think he’s running the show! [laughs]

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