Beach Chic! Make Good with Memorable Accessories


By: Erika Nunez

Last Summer, I shared with you the importance of knowing your body shape and how to flatter it using different styles of bathing suits. Before your beach and pool time runs out, I want you to grab some items that are sure to help you keep the style flowing! An alternate bathing suit, beach bag, and multi-purpose sunglasses… check! Day-to-night cover up and an eye-catching iPad case?! Check! Let’s go!

1. Another Bathing Suit

Let’s face it, between all of the brunches and lack of crunches, your favorite bathing suit may not fit as well as it once did, which is why I encourage ladies to pick up a one-piece bathing suit. Whether its printed or has deep cuts in the front or back, this choice is sure to help minimize the problem areas us ladies usually have (ie: Buddha bellies).

Eclairee Bathing suits are to my liking because they are sophisticated, yet stylish and some of the swine suits have a mesh v-neck that respectfully opens the neck line, providing a slimming look. Choose your favorite here on!

Guys, it’s always great to stock up on surf-style drawstring swim trunks! Affordable options can be found on!

2. Beach Bag

Prints with a splash of color are favorite, because they instantly add a look of refreshment and luxury. I have been noticing the use of colorful prints with pops of bold colors more now than ever! Find a bag that is big enough to hold all of your day-to-night needs, like this Ikat tote from The Limited.

3. Eyewear

Aviator lenses are a universal “cool” magnet, they usually look great on any face a few of my faves are these. My only suggestion would be to be mindful of the color you choose, it can make a huge difference. You can always visit for some online exclusives to find your perfect pair.

4. Body Wraps

Gaining confidence is an ongoing process for both men and women, so fortunately there are great options for cover-ups floating around. They look great as you sit poolside, or if you’ve just had enough of flaunting all of your assets for the day. Try some playful, colorful and moderately priced options from!

5. Jackets

Field jackets offer a unique way to make a beach outfit look casual and cool. The temperature usually drops a little during the late nights, and a nice Burberry jacket is an absolute essential if you’ve got a little cash for the flair! Not only is it very functional because of all of the pockets, but it can also keep you dry from the summer rain.

6. Sandals

Pedicured toes deserve to be seen all year round! For men, incorporating a pair of leather flip flops definetly shows growth and maturity in your fashion sense, and women love nothing more than to see a man comfortable in his skin. American Eagle offers a plethora of options for the stylish fella, they’re moderately priced starters to step it to a more luxurious brand when you’re ready!

Ladies, we wear open toed shoes/pumps pretty often. I love comfortable flats on laid back days, and brands like Miu Miu offer the right amount of glam and sensibility. Splurge a little in the name of fashion!

7. Gadget accessories

I love neon colors as much as I love bright white, and when it comes to making my tech sexy, this Marc by Marc Jacobs iPad sleeve (available at Neiman Marcus) is perfect.

When you pull out your tablet heads will be sure to turn! Guys, don’t be afraid of neon colors… no one will judge you, they will add character to anything you wear!

Follow me for odd, fun wardrobe facts at! Enjoy everything fashionably, and please thank me later!

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Erika Nunez is personal shopper and Image Director for the BLuxe Group. She provides occasion-specific wardrobe for entertainers and business professionals featured in magazine editorials, music videos, advertisement and press appearances. Follow her at @ErikasNStyle on Twitter

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