Is Gen-X Still Sexy? Our Ladies are Lacking on Maxim’s Latest Hot 100 List



By: Dove

It’s a fact that the youngest of Gen-X are finally approaching middle age, and our oldest are firmly entrenched in it. While we spent the last two to three decades putting the ‘X’ in sexy, it appears that nubile Gen-Yers are putting their stamp on things these days.

Want proof? Just check out Maxim’s 2014 Hot 100 list, which includes just 26 Gen-X ladies listed as the fairest in the land. Of those, seven of the ladies are cuspies (born 1980/81), while the eldest, Jennifer Lopez in spot #36, is an extraordinary 44-years-old. Only four other ladies on the entire list are over 40 – Alyssa Milano, Gabrielle Union, Sophia Vergara and Beth Ostrosky Stern.

Do you think voters got this right? Is Gen-X losing its sexy?

Below are our Gen-X goddesses listed in order as they appear on the Hot 100. Take a look at the full list on

6. Zooey Deschanel (b. 1980)

8. Jessica Alba (b.1981)

13. Eva Longoria (b. 1975)

15. Christina Aguilera (b. 1980)

21. Beyonce (b. 1981)

24. Charlize Theron (b. 1975)

29. Zoe Saldana (b. 1978)

32. Lake Bell (b. 1979)

34. Alyssa Milano (b. 1972)

35. Jennifer Love Hewitt (b. 1979)

36. Jennifer Lopez (b. 1969)

38. Shakira (b. 1977)

48. Paula Patton (b. 1975)

50. Stana Katic (b. 1978)

52. Jordana Brewster (b. 1980)

54. Sophia Vergara (b. 1972)

57. Morena Baccarin (b. 1979)

64. Melissa Rauch (b. 1980)

65. Kerry Washington (b. 1977)

69. Danielle Fishel (b. 1981)

74. Jill Wagner (b. 1979)

81. Gabrielle Union (b. 1972)

88. A.J. Cook (b. 1978)

89. Joanna Krupa (b. 1979)

92. Rebecca Mader (b. 1977)

98. Beth Ostrosky Stern (b. 1972)

Let us know your thoughts!

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  1. HI James, I think that’s exactly the point of this – Gen-X women were dominating these lists at one point, but it’s all shifting. Not over-analyzing, just creating conversation.