Nivea Brightens Classic Skin Care with Hydra IQ Technology! Beauty Influencers Event Pics


By: Dove

If you’re like me, you may know the Nivea name from your mother or grandmother (or even great-grandmother) rocking her face cream late night. Now 100 years strong, the Nivea brand is revitalizing the line with fresh skin technology, and they are reaching out to their global market to show younger generations that classic quality always endures.

Last week (May 17, 2011) Nivea hosted a “Beauty Influencers Event” at the Cooper Square Hotel penthouse in NYC. While was invited, we were unable to attend, so special thanks to Kiran Prasher for the event photos below!

Nivea’s Hyrdra IQ infused line does what a lotion should do – moisturize and smooth your skin – with a little extra. Per Nivea’s campaign the new formula is an “exclusive patented moisturizing technology that works to balance the skin’s moisture level. Hydra IQ supports the skin’s hydration system and the transfer of moisture throughout the skin. Promoting water transfer throughout the moisture network results in superior, longer-lasting skin hydration.”

Suggested retail prices range from $5.99 for the Touch Of Serenity and Touch Of Cashmere body washes, to $7.99 and $8.99 for the Express Hydration Freshening Gel and Express Hydration Body Lotion, respectively.

Nivea will also be updating their existing lines with the Hydra IQ technology, so if you’re already a customer, you don’t have to stop using your favorite products to get the benefits!

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