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If you were ever to visit my apartment, the first thing you would notice are the boxes upon boxes of makeup and beauty products that I have. I could actually open up a small Sephora! I’m constantly trying out new products, which is little bit of a treat for me.

To share my passion with everyone at, here are my Top 7 Beauty Products that I’m in love with at the moment. I added a little expert tip for each item, so you can have fun while trying them out!

1. Juice Beauty Moisturizer – Skin is #1 when it comes to makeup. Before we dip into our makeup bag, we must prep our skin lovelies! This will determine if we enter the world with fabulous movie star glow or dull looking skin. I have fallen in love with this moisturizer. Not only is it organic, it’s also oil free, so it’s great for any skin tone or texture.

MakeupByLeora Tip*** Make sure to wash all your makeup off at night and re-moisturize again!

2. MAC Eye Kohl Eyeliner in Minted – You say you want “sexy, smoldering eyes”? Well here you go! Green is a classic neutral color that you diva-goddesses should never be afraid of. In fact, you can wear this color throughout the entire year without worry of seasons changing.

MakeupByLeora Tip*** Try a neutral-colored shimmery eyeshadow in golden brown or plum, line eyes underneath with MAC liner in Minted, and watch your eyes POP!

3. Beauty Blender – Who wants airbrushed looking skin with out the fuss? Meeeeee and all my clients! Not only is this a cute sponge to carry around (what girl doesn’t love pink?), it’s also environmentally friendly and can be recycled when you are ready for a new one!

MakeupByLeora Tip*** Wet your Beauty Blender until it expands, make sure to squeeze it out so that its damp but not dripping. Take some concealer on your hand and warm it up with your finger (if it’s a cream for liquids you do not have to do this), squeeze your Beauty Blender at the tip and apply concealer in those hard-to-reach areas in the corner of your eye and anywhere skin tone maybe uneven.

4. Oil of Olay Makeup Wipes for Sensitive Skin – These are the only makeup wipes I have found that stay moist in the package. They feel ahhhhhhhhhh – so soft and soothing to the skin, and remove any trace of makeup and dirt. I love using these when prepping up a client’s skin who may have had some makeup on prior to sitting in my chair.

MakeupByLeora Tip*** Take a refreshing wipe and cleanse your face after a long day of being outside to remove any remnants of dirt the skin may have picked up. Your skin will thank you for taking such good care of it. Moisturize immediately after.

5. Shea Moisture Organic Coconut and Hibiscus Shea Butter Lotion –  Yummy smelling! It’s sure to make your face glow, and the rest of your body looks beautiful doing the same! When I’m on a shoot, the model or client’s skin needs to look healthy and heavenly. The face and body texture should match in the photo.

MakeupByLeora Tip*** Add half a capful of loose shimmer of bronzing powder with the lotion for extra glow or bronzy skin!

6. Orange Lipstick – This is the hottest color for fall! I’m all about making a statement when you walk in the room. Ladies, own that confidence! Depending on the shade you choose, orange works for most skin tones. For a softer look, try a pale peach gloss; or if you’re feeling bold, go for a tangerine lipstick.

Three of the hottest shades for the Fall are: Delicious by Dolce and Gabbana (pictured below), Urban Decay Lip Gloss Junkie in the color Runaway, and Stila Mango Crush Lip and Cheek Stain ( I adore a 2-in-1 product).

MakeupByLeora Tip*** If you plan on trying one of these colors out, let the lip be your main focus. Do a basic sheer color wash on the eye or wear a set of false lashes. Apply liquid or gel line, bringing the line up at the end of the eye to give a fierce cat eye look.

7. Shu-Uemura Mini Eyelash curler – Curling our eyelashes (we know, we know!) opens up your eye. What is unique about this little invention is that it gives our end lashes that Hollywood lift. Fabu for extremely straight lashes!

MakeupByLeora Tip*** Take the curler and go all the way to the base of your lash – look in the mirror to make sure you don’t have any skin in the curler. Do a soft squeeze test to be sure – we want you to keep all your lashes and have this be a pain-free experience! After curling, apply three coats of mascara for a fun and flirty look!

Ladies, I hope you enjoy all the glam tips! I would love to hear any feedback, comments, or reactions you may get from trying out my Top 7 favorite new products!

Leora has been transforming people’s looks since her start at MAC Cosmetics in 1995. As an independent consultant, she works with celebrities, fashion, and corporate clients. Leora has traveled worldwide to do shows for the likes of Redken and Ports International. Celebrity clients have included Rihanna, singer/actress Kate Voegele (One Tree Hill) and Dawn Richards (Dirty Money, Danity Kane).

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