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Fitness guru and author Londin Angel Winters wants you to know that your mind really does matter. The Los Angeles-based entrepreneur is changing lives across the country through her Metaphysical Fitness movement as a life and fitness coach for adults and children alike. But don’t think for a minute that Winters’ guidance comes from just lifting a few weights and reading a bunch of books, because her incredible journey started with challenges and heartaches that she’s had fight to overcome.

In our talk with Londin about the inspiration behind her growing Metaphysical Fitness company, she gets extremely personal in explaining how even after enjoying a successful, Emmy-winning career in television and a life-changing fitness transformation, miscarriages and another battle with weight led her to thinking the good life was about done for her. Thankfully, through finding the right coach and getting her inner voice on track, she is now paving the way for others to find their happiness and health as well with useful tools like her book Loving Your Weight Off. Read on…

Did you always know what you wanted to do? What was the process to get where you’re at in your profession?

Londin Winters: I think I honestly represent Gen-X really well, because my career path has been twists, turns, rights and lefts and really in the end it’s always just been following my heart, which I feel this generation does. This generation isn’t just interested in the paycheck, getting the 401k and getting as safe as possible, it’s more like “Hey I want to be in a creative adventure and listen to my heart and I really want to take on what is possible.”

You know I represent metaphysics in many ways of the potential of the human and how much we can achieve. In the beginning of my journey, I thought I really wanted to be a journalist. I was a newspaper reporter, and then I went into broadcast journalism and did really well.

I achieved a lot in a short amount of time and won an Emmy, but I started to not feel good about what I was putting out. I was working at NBC and it was very ratings-driven. So then I took another twist and became the executive producer of a travel network, which allowed me to really be way more creative. I was following my heart and doing great and tripped upon the idea of residual income, and I created a ton of residual incomes and basically set myself up to not have to have a job.

But all along this journey I was really in a battle with my body. I would grind all day long, and use carbs to keep myself happy while I grinded. It was like, “If I can have this, then I can get through another two hours of whatever I have to do, then go to some workout class and burn the whole thing off so I won’t be 400 pounds.”

No joke, that was my day in and day out, and it’s so funny because when I think about going to the podium and receiving that Emmy, for anyone else they would be ecstatic, but for me I felt fat, ugly, and miserable. “This is totally not worth what it took me to get this thing.” That was like the story of my life.

It’s funny because I was 38 at the time I woke up and went, “Whoa, I am 38 and I have been running this pattern now essentially since I was probably 16, and it’s not gonna change on its own. I’m already at a halfway point of my working life, and I can’t believe I’ve been doing it this long.” I woke up one day and had this non-negotiable epiphany that I was going to put my body first, and I was gonna figure out the body thing. I was not going to stop until I had freedom.

I had been using metaphysical tools to create anything I wanted in my career; I literally had the Midas touch. If I wanted it, I got it, went to the top and was able to manifest anything I wanted. So what I did was decided to apply all those principles that I had been refining to my body. I knew I didn’t have the right info, because I was working out, dieting, anything I could get my hands on, but nothing was making a difference so I hired a bodybuilding coach. I said “ok dude, if I know anyone that gets results, it’s bodybuilders. They get onstage in tiny bikinis and it works.” [laughs]He said “First, let’s put you in a competition”.

So from the day I started to 180 days later I was going to be onstage, and it was like do or die. What I did was apply all of the metaphysical tools that I had been using for my whole life and all of the practical stuff that [my coach]taught me about how you get into a beautiful shape, lose fat, and how to work out correctly. 180 days later it was shocking, and the best part is I was really enjoying the process because I had brought in the metaphysical part.

I’ve been able to maintain that weight loss ever since. I competed at 39, and now I’m 44 and I’ve been able to basically enjoy this awesome physique. In that moment I was not that in love with bodybuilding, but my life has changed and I quit all of my other pursuits and spent the rest of my life teaching people how to have freedom in their bodies

How do you explain to people why metaphysical is so important to physical? How do you get doubters on board?

LW: When star athletes have million dollar contracts on the line, what do they? They do as much mental work as the physical. Jack Nicholas was quoted to saying he never ever hit a shot either in practice or competition that he didn’t first take a moment and envision where the ball was going to go; or you see the focus like Kobe Bryant on the court or any tennis player or Olympic athlete. They literally do as much as the mental game as physical game.

So they’ll go out and practice, but they’ll also prepare themselves to win. That’s what I’m really offering as a possibility for people with their bodies. That’s what I did aggressively, and it allowed me to get literally dramatic results and keep them off.

Scientists are really starting to back this, and I think Gen-Xers are awesome because they grew up with the internet at their fingers so they’re not just gonna believe anything. They’re going to research it, and they don’t want to get boxed in either. When you start looking at the evidence that’s showing itself, the subconscious mind does not know the difference between a real or imagined event. The subconscious mind is the thing that governs all of our behavior. Like when Jack Nicolas is envisioning that ball going to a certain place, it’s been shown by Science that you create neural pathways in the brain for that very same physical action. So you’re essentially like pre-paving the moment.

I always tell my clients “there’s a million dollar contract, you would do this right? High stakes. But is your body goal any less important than Tiger Woods’ contract?” It’s like this is your life. Really what it comes down to is you can have the exact diet plan or perfect workout routine, we all know it gets to that point where you just lose your motivation, or it starts off great, you lost a couple of pounds, and your motivation kind of wains. You’re not in that much pain anymore, suddenly your willpower starts to take a dump, you know what I mean?

If you can get your mind in the right place, it will carry you so much farther. I always say that inspiration is so much more powerful than willpower, because willpower is really based in pain. Like you woke up, you felt fat, and your promised yourself you wouldn’t do x or y. The problem is, what happens when you got tired at the end of the day and you just need some nourishment? Where is the willpower then?

On the other hand, if you really get inspired like, “Wow, I can taste, see, smell. I can practically feel what it’s going to feel like to wear that one pair of pants that I’ve been dying to wear”. You keep that in front of you all of the time, and suddenly it’s like you don’t even want chocolate. That’s the place I get my clients. It’s like if you don’t even want it anymore, now the whole thing is easy. What makes you want it is some sort of misalignment. One part of you maybe wants one thing, another part wants another.

So the first ten tools in my book are literally just to get you wind in your sails. When there’s wind in the sail, your boat will start flying. Sometimes people don’t have all the info, so their boat starts flying, but their boat starts flying basically to Florida when they wanted to go to New York. The second half of the book, the practical tools are just to make sure you have the right map, and then if you wanted to go to New York you’re actually heading in that direction.

I’m here to tell you that the metaphysical is the part that will make the junky foods just fall in the background. You kinda forget about them, or if you don’t feel like working out you’ll just be like dying to go to the gym. I’m not joking, it really works! [laughs]

Why write a book when you could go straight to the internet?

LW: This is a little bit of a personal story. Long story short, I competed and was like, “Oh my God. I can’t believe I pulled this off. I gotta teach everyone that is willing to learn how to have this freedom because I want them all to have it.” I quite all my other pursuits. I actually became the #1 trainer at Equinox in Santa Monica, standing in this gym with 22-year-old trainers and I’m like 39 or 40. [laughs]But I didn’t care because I wanted to reach anyone I could, and it was great because I met all these people there, men and women, I set them on the right track and it was awesome.

Everything was going amazing and I was really enjoying it. Then I met the love of my life, we totally fell in love, had an awesome time for awhile, and as things do we got pregnant, decided that we were gonna have a family, and three months in we lost the baby. I was like, “That hurt, but I’m still hopeful and I can still do this.” Then we got pregnant again. We got pregnant in like a month or something and damn I lost that one too, and that was crushing. It was devastating, and then we got pregnant again and I carried that baby really far.

Meanwhile I have this rocking business teaching people how to have freedom in their bodies, and I feel fat, I’m drowning in grief. Literally, I couldn’t get out of bed. I was so sad and my hormones were all over the place and it was devastating. It was one of those existential moments when you think, “Is the Universe friendly or not? Am I going to keep on thriving in life or am I gonna give up, sit on the couch, and start seeing what Netflix has to offer? What’s gonna happen?”

I had this moment where I read an article where someone lost all of their limbs in an accident and became a star athlete through prosthetics. I thought, “You can come out of this. People triumph, and you’re going to triumph and the way you’re gonna do it is you’re gonna lose the weight all over again and document every last thing that you do metaphysically and physically in a book. The book is going to heal you.”

The first time I did it out of so much joy and I didn’t pay attention. Then I would work with people, and just work with what they needed, and thought that now I gotta go through this again. I’m gonna pay attention to every last tool that I’ve always been using, but didn’t know I was using and the book healed me. It became this labor of love to pull out of that place. I lost the weight again. It was such a miracle. If I had any doubt before, now I know. Give me anyone and I will give them freedom.

What it comes down to is really working on an energetic version of yourself and finding the light again. It’s written to be really light and fluffy, but it’s working on a really deep level. If you had a hose and had a bunch of kinks in it, the first half of the book unwinds all those kinks so the water can flow fully, and you get all of your energy back.

What is the one thing you enjoy most about the results that you’ve been able to bring to others?

LW: Freedom. I have a 13-year-old client that came to me and she felt so ashamed of her body and felt lost, ugly and ashamed. We’ve been working together and she is free, fun, and it’s no big deal to her to manage food and exercise. I also had a 14-year-old guy who came to me and I sent him free and now he’s like rocking. He’s co-captain of the baseball team, and when he first came to me he couldn’t stop pulling his shirt down because he was so ashamed of his body. He couldn’t even get it off his mind, and didn’t want you to look at him. Now he’s like a giant leader in his community.

I have 49-year-old women who really had given up on their bodies because they thought once they hit menopause they had no chance, and they’re rocking a better physique than they did at 25. It’s not about vanity, it’s about freedom. Once you get into the body you’ve always wanted, you don’t even think about your body anymore. Now you just do the next thing. Now your body is no longer this thing yore struggling with. You just feel light, agile, you have your energy back and you’re not even thinking about your body anymore. Then your life gets so much more creative and you stop wasting all this time over exercising and overeating.

We lose so much time in that struggle. My favorite thing is seeing people get set free, having the whole thing become easy, and they start rocking whatever’s next. It’s no longer an issue for them they are on to the next. I freaking love that.

What do you want people to know most about you at this stage of your life?

LW: If you can embrace the unforeseen aspects of our existence, you become limitless. A lot of people will make fun of you for being like that. I have two books, and in the other book [The Art of Energetic Agility] it really talks about how when you’re surrounded by a community of people who are like-minded and sort of stating to embrace the unseen, you would not believe how much information becomes available and how powerful that is in our current world.

In the past, if we held information we were considered valuable. But now in the age of Google, anyone can have information at their fingertips anytime. People who are really emerging in our culture as influencers are the ones listening to that intelligence that is greater, that you can’t get on a Google search. Those are the people that are starting to become the real influencers, and the path to get there is to start listening to the body and getting rapport with your body in a major way.

I think that is my biggest mission. Teaching people how to have the whole body thing feel good, where it no longer a battle and it’s no longer that your body feels like it’s against you, but taking you into your next level of evolution. That’s what I’m truly passionate about. There’s just so much limitless potential in starting to embrace your relationship with your body, where you say “Ok I’m doing this. This is going to be a priority.”

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  1. I’m on a lifelong healthy living journey and LOVE Londin’s approach and insights. Treat your body with the utmost respect. I’m looking for freedom in my body. Now following her social accounts so I can stay inspired!

  2. I love the realness of Londin. That a fitness guru isn’t perfect, not always doing the “right” thing all the time. I like that she, like many of us has had many twists in her career as well.

  3. I keep stopping and starting in regards to getting in shape. I was so used to being skinny that I guess my brain hasn’t caught on that I’m not as small as I used to be. I must continue to read articles like these for inspiration.

  4. Great interview, Londin.

    I would agree that you embody the true spirit of Gen X. Never settling for less and refusing to be pigeon- holed into a set way of life. Always on an adventure, never thinking it is too late, and always forging new paths. And the secret lies first in our minds and our thinking.

    I love this line “Whoa, I am 38 and I have been running this pattern now essentially since I was probably 16, and it’s not gonna change on its own.” That’s it right there! We are so flexible as a generation and so, so capable, but without that “Whoa” moment and the realisation it is up to us, all that potential can go to waste.

    We need people like you out there as our own beacons of hope and proof that we are only half way through life, not coming to the end. There is bigger and better to come once we make the decision that we are not done yet 🙂 Keep flying the flag!

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