Annabelle Trailer: Who is Fool Enough to Own This Doll??



Seriously… what part of anyone wants to own this creepy doll? Well, the happy young family in the new film Annabelle think she is a catch, and gleefully add her to the household. Then all hell breaks loose, literally. Annabelle is a prequel to the popular horror flick The Conjuring, giving us the back story on how all the possessions and killings got their start. was invited to attend a special event for the film last week in New York, and that damn scary ass Annabelle was right there, locked in a big glass case. We received an “evil eye” bracelet to ward off the demons, and they even had releases for everyone to sign in case we were haplessly possessed later. There was also an official Shaman there to bless the room and every person who wanted some personal attention, so that should have made me feel better about being there. Nope. I don’t need to be around the kind of dolls who come alive while you’re sleeping and kill you.

Watch the trailer below, and let us know if you’ll be heading to share a night with Annabelle!

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