Fake It Til You Make It with Jaleel White! Former Child Star’s New Hustle!


By: Dove

We know him as the lovable geek Steve Urkel, but that introduction was 20 years ago, and Jaleel White is all grown up now! At 33-years-old, the actor has fortunately had steady work since the 10-year run of Family Matters, including a bit part in the award-winning film Dreamgirls. Regardless, it can be hard to get away from a strong character as beloved as Urkel.

Rather than whining about things, Jaleel White has written and produced a new web series called Fake It Til You Make It. The amusing story follows former child actor Reggie Culkin, who has become an image consultant with the wrong kind of hustle.

Check out the first three episodes of the series below, and let us know if you’ll be checking it out on a regular basis! Episode 3 even has cameos from actress/choreographer Debbie Allen and marketing executive Kevin BlackWarning: this is probably not work safe due to language.

Episode 1 – “Power Breakfast”

Episode 2 – “Talk To My Agent”

Episode 3 -“Residual Income” co-starring Debbie Allen and Kevin Black

CLICK HERE to follow up on more episodes of Fake It Til You Make It on the official Hulu channel!

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