Men in Black 3 Trailer: Will Smith Meets Warhol?! Aliens, Time Travel and More!


By: Dove

Here is the second official trailer for Men in Black 3, which offers much more insight into the plot of the movie than the first trailer did. Of course Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are back as Agents J and K, respectively, however this time around there is also a younger (but not much fresher) version of K played by Josh Brolin.

Co-stars in MIB3 include Alice Eve (Sex and the City 2, Entourage), Michael Stuhlbarg (Hugo, Boardwalk Empire), Jermaine Clement (Dinner for Schmucks, The Flight of the Concords), Saturday Night Live‘s Bill Hader and veteran actress Emma Thompson.

Will you be hitting the theaters on Memorial Day weekend for Men In Black 3?

Men in Black 3, Trailer #1

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