Wrath of the Titans Trailer: A Decade After the Kraken, Perseus Goes to Hell!


By: Dove

Sexy Sam Worthington returns to the big screen March 2012 in Legendary/Warner Bros.’ Wrath of the Titans, reprising his role as Perseus, one of Zeus’s many children. This time around – ten years after he defeated the mighty Kraken – the goodie two-shoes demigod Perseus hits the underworld to save Zeus from being killed by his other offspring, Ares and Hades.

Also back from Clash of the Titans are Liam Neeson as Zeus, Ralph Fiennes as Hades and Danny Huston as Poseidon. New faces include Edgar Ramirez (Domino, The Bourne Identity) as Ares, Rosamund Pike (Surrogates) as Perseus’ wifey Andromeda and Bill Nighy as God of Fire Hephaestus.

And the beasts… wow! Here is the new poster featuring the Minotaur, Chimera, Makhai and Kronos… yikes!

Will you give Wrath of the Titans a chance? Check out the trailer and let us know your thoughts!

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