Cold Season Blues! GoGargle Steps Up Relief with Modern Recipe for Classic Cure


By: Dove

If you are experiencing the bitter winter that’s hitting much of the Midwest and Northeast this year, then you may have already had to deal with some kind of cold or flu. If so, you’re no stranger to trying anything and everything that will help ease the sniffles, coughing, etc. that come with the season.

Prior to the temperature drop, the good people at GoGargle sent me a sample of their new product, which is a remix of the old fashioned salt gargle our parents and grandparents used to give us as kids. I pride myself on rarely getting ill, but I actually got extremely sick three times in 2013. Needless to say, I was thankful to add this concoction to my “just in case” prevention stash.

So fast forward to February 2015, and I got my first round of sniffles and an itchy throat. Ohhhh no! I’m not going down that path! I turned to my prevention stash for some ideas, and there was this GoGargle. The label says it’s got some honey, chamomile, Vitamin E, aloe vera and wheat germ oil, so while I’m already skeeved out thinking about the correlation to a saltwater gargle, these ingredients do sound soothing.

After a quick fix of 1/2 cup of warm water (yep, in my X-Men mug) and a drop of the fizzy tablet, I had my GoGargle mix. I won’t front, the mix of mint and saltiness is weird and a little off-putting at first, but it’s just gargling, not for drinking. So I stopped being a big baby about it, tried a few gargles, and I waited…

Within a few minutes, I did feel the difference. The dry, itchy feeling in my throat was gone, and even my sinuses felt more open. The product doesn’t tout itself as doing anything significant for your sinuses, but I imagine the moisturizing properties took over in all the right places. GoGargle also didn’t leave any nasty after-taste, instead it was a pleasant lingering of mint.

There are a couple of quick facts about these tablets that you’ll like. The salt blend reduces inflammation and bacteria by drawing fluid out of your swollen throat. Meanwhile, the aloe, chamomile, honey and zinc soothe and moisturize it. The ingredients are far more natural than a lot of chemicals you could use for similar results, plus you won’t feel drowsy after you gargle.

All this said, I highly recommend you keep some GoGargle handy. It comes in a little tube, which you can carry with you easily on the go. To read more facts and get a coupon for your first purchase, click here for the official site.

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