Pharrell’s Amazing $14 Million Pop-Art Penthouse! Photos by The Selby


By: Dove — As reported by, Pharrell Williams recently brought famed photographer Todd “The Selby” Selby into his new $14 million penthouse to snap some photos of the incredible spread. The 37-year-old music and fashion entrepreneur has always been a tad bit eclectic, so it’s no surprise that he’s got everything from Star Trek to Family Guy around the house, with pieces by Kaws, Takashi Murakami and Keith Haring. What do you think of the artistic additions to this already amazing architecture?

Click here to see more photos from Pharrell’s incredible home on The Selby’s official site!

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  1. Wow! Would we really expect anything less than uber creative interior design from someone as colorful as Pharrell though? If it were dull and boring then it truly wouldn’t fit him. His style definitely matches his music or rather his music matches his style. Art does imitate life right?