Celebrating Men! Sexy Stars Set Pace for Male Grooming! Leonardo DiCaprio, Jay-Z, Usher and More!


By: Julie Ane

Yesterday (August 20) was National Men’s Grooming Day, paying tribute to the American male and their maintenance. Participating salons and barbershops hosted “spa days” for men, offering services and grooming events catered just to them – and for good reason. According to Diagonal Reports, the male grooming market has been increasing at double digit growth rates over the last decade in the U.S., and is one of the best performing segments in the personal care sector.

Men are much more into their appearance these days, with the desire to look younger and stay in fashion. Hair highlights and perfectly shaped eyebrows are not just for women anymore! From booted to suited, today’s man has taken style to another level with sexy fragrances, facials, manicures and pedicures… and ladies certainly appreciate the effort.

Metrosexuals are the new must-have accessory! Feast your eyes on a few of the gentlemen we think embody great style:


As a successful artist and entrepreneur, 40-year-old Jay-Z keeps it real and looks good doing it. Hova maintains simple style on the regular with jeans, cardigans, kicks and tees. Paired up with exotic belts and designer shades, a mean watch game and black diamonds makes the look worth a million bucks – literally. Never one to be put in a box, this rap impresario knows how to kick off his boots, put on a tie and make a tux look effortless. Now that’s style even a pop princess couldn’t ignore!

Leonardo DiCaprio

Think Cary Grant, Marlon Brando, Paul Newman… Leonardo DiCaprio is the true essence of what a movie star really is. With a boyish look blended with just the right amount of sex appeal, 35-year-old Leo captivates hearts and dominates box offices. From a small part on the sitcom Growing Pains to leading man and producer, the Los Angeles-bred DiCaprio is a leading lady’s dream and the ultimate red carpet gentleman.

Even casual with cargo pants, tees, the ever-present baseball cap and model girlfriend on his arm, the low-key Leo has every bit the star quality of a Hollywood celebrity.

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Pharrell Williams

Junya Watanabe long tees, SpongeBob toe socks, Moncler Bionic Yarn Vests and BBC nylon motorcycle jackets are some of his favorite things. That’s according to music producer and artist extraordinaire Pharrell Williams, who made the Vanity Fair 2010 International Best Dressed List.

Once a drummer in his high school marching band, the 37-year-old Billboard “Producer of the Decade”  (as part of The Neptunes) has topped the charts with a wide range of artists across pop, rock, alternative, funk and hip hop genres. The music mirrors Williams’ personal eclectic style, which is also a mix of skateboard, urban wear and couture. Pharrell is a hit both in and out of the studio!

Josh Duhamel

Model-turned-actor Josh Duhamel has that all-American look, indicative of his North Dakota roots. The 6’3” biology major dropped out of college senior year to follow a girlfriend to California, where he started working odd jobs and modeling. His big break came with daytime drama All My Children, and the ball has been rolling ever since.

These days you can find the handsome 37-year-old as the arm candy of pop star wife Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas. And he looks great in a suit!

Sean “Diddy” Combs

A true mogul in music, fashion, restaurants, film, fragrance and liquor, Sean Combs is the new millennium brand man who does it all – with not a hair trimmed out of place. From running suits to designer suits, this 40-year-old entrepreneur always looks like he just stepped out of a photo shoot. He is an admitted metrosexual who enjoys spa pampering facials, manis, pedis and… are you ready for this? Waxing! Diddy does it all, and the end result is dapper.

For that power scent, try the new Diddy fragrance I Am King.

David Beckham

Though we recently profiled him in our UrbLife.com Stylevolution spotlight, it would be hard to do a piece on men’s grooming without at least a mention of David Beckham. The hair products alone can probably use its own column, as the 35-year-old soccer stud has sported so many different lock looks over the years. He may spend the majority of his time in cleats, but when it comes time to don the shoes, he kicks it so well!

Check out AskMen.com for a list of some hot hair products!

Usher Raymond

This R&B/pop star has literally grown up in the music industry. Since his start at the tender age of 13 with an appearance on Star Search, Usher Raymond has sold more than 45 million records worldwide and has grown into a suave, sexy 31-year-old man. From playboy to husband, fatherhood and back, the superstar looks great in everything he sports! Even the signature Louis Vuitton bags and murse looks good on Usher.

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Johnny Depp

Florida native Johnny Depp dropped out of high school at 15 with dreams of becoming a rock star. It was a trip to L.A. and a chance meeting with Nicolas Cage that prompted him to try his luck in Hollywood. After his film debut in A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984), the young actor made the leap to television with the successful series 21 Jump Street (1987-90) and became a household name.

Depp made the leap back to film and perfected his craft through distinctive and often dark roles, making him one of film’s most versatile actors. His style reflects that same versatility with long and short locks, sometimes with glasses, and most often times a fedora. He may not be a rock star, but Johnny definitely rocks!

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In celebration of National Men’s Grooming Day, check out more Men’s Fashion with About.com

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Now, who do YOU think has great style?

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