The Gen-X Files: Top 7 Silver Foxes! Men Making Premature Gray Look Good!


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We all know the term “silver fox” is used to describe hot older guys with graying hair. Growing up, I remember Sean Connery being the subject of many conversations about sexy men, always tagged with the disclaimer, “I don’t care how old he is!” But now that the eldest born of Generation X have turned 50, we actually have our own sterling dons to admire, with many much younger than you’d think.

Without further ado, here is’s Top 7 list of Gen-X Silver Foxes, with a few honorable mentions for good measure. Enjoy!

1. George Clooney (b. 1961)

There is no denying that George Clooney is at the top of our generation’s food chain on so many levels. Not only has he never been bad looking, he’s also so talented and well-liked that his sexy factor is amplified times ten.

We could say that George is to Gen-Xers what Sean Connery was to Baby Boomers – just take a look at this pic of Connery when he was 52 (a couple of years older than Clooney is in the photo above) as James Bond in Never Say Never Again:

Catch my drift? Fact is, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a woman age 21 through 61 who wouldn’t put Clooney on her fantasy to-do list. He is our consummate silver fox!

2. Anderson Cooper (b. 1967)

Given Anderson Cooper’s family ties, he didn’t have to be a good, hardworking guy, but he is! The glow of the globe-trotting newscaster’s sterling locks is heightened by his alabaster skin and piercing blue eyes. He’s the boy next door, all grown up!

3. Andy Cohen (b. 1968)

Watch what happens, indeed! Before the ever-expanding Real Housewives franchise took off, brunette-headed Bravo TV exec Andy Cohen was often photographed in easy-going tees, flexing his svelte frame.

Fast forward a few years and enough crazy reunion shows to make any sane person spout grays, and we’re seeing a huskier, well-polished build topped off with neatly coiffed gunmetal hair. And judging from Andy’s personal pic from 2011 (above, right), there are actually to-die-for muscles underneath his fancy suits!

4. Matt LeBlanc (b. 1967)

From his dopey Joey days on Friends to his Golden Globe-winning performance on the Showtime series Episodes, Matt LeBlanc has kept himself together nicely. While he could take the route of dying his roots jet black every few weeks to slip into some younger roles, Matt is fully owning the salt-and-pepper with the help of more than a little hair gel.

5. Esai Morales (b. 1962)

Actor and activist Esai Morales is even more desirable in middle age with his streaked gray hair and resplendent silvery stubble. In a photo shoot for The Washington Flyer in 2011 (above), Esai flaunted his grown man look with grace, and we think it can only get better!

6. Art Alexakis (b. 1962)

So what if Art Alexakis is Portland Oregon’s “most hated.” The Everclear frontman is still a tall drink of water, and letting his platinum blonde evolve into pearly gray was a wise choice.

A while back we posted the trailer for The Other F Word, a documentary in which Alexakis and other formerly fast-living rockers discuss the challenges of taking on fatherhood. It’s sexy to see any man divulge love for their family. Meanwhile Art doesn’t give a flying fuck what we think about him, and that’s hot.

7. Jon Stewart (b. 1962)

Sometimes there’s a lot more to being sexy than meets the eye. Smart goes a long way, but so does funny. Extremely witty political satirist Jon Stewart has been killing the talk show game for years now, and his wispy, shimmering gray hair adds finesse to his boyish smile.

At the rate he’s going, Stewart will be tinsel-toned platinum soon, and we’ll most likely still be seeing him at the award podiums for years to come!

Honorable Mentions

Matt Damon (b. 1970), Kerr Smith (b. 1972), Eric Dane (b. 1972) –  While Matt Damon was recently spotted with a fully salt-and-peppered shaved head, we don’t know if Damon will be claiming that gray just yet.

Two years ago, nabbed a shot of Kerr Smith (Dawson’s Creek, Life Unexpected) on the red carpet with pre-40 gray! We probably won’t see him as a silver fox any time soon, since he can still pass for a 20-something in Hollywood if he keeps the roots dyed properly.

And ditto to Eric Dane, who seems to have gone from blonde to silky gray-beige since he co-starred in Burlesque. He can stay in the 30-something lane if he chooses not to embrace the silvery ‘do.

Brett Favre (b. 1969) – Brett Favre always looks so anguished in photos. It could be that NFL stress has contributed to his early graying, however it’s actually a very nice look on him. Now if he could just get some photos reflecting something other than a grimace or scowl…

Djimon Hounsou (b. 1964) and Idris Elba (b. 1972) – These silver-bearded gents aren’t rocking much on top, but they are doing the distinguished facial hair justice! Handsome!

John Ortiz (b. 1969) – Respected on both stage and screen, this fascinating Brooklyn-born actor can be seen rocking a head full of tussled silver-streaked curls in HBO’s series Luck.

Leave a comment and let us know if you have some more Gen-X silver foxes in mind!

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