High Tech Grilling! Sizzle with 7 Fun Gadgets for Grill Masters!


By: Dove

We’re knee deep in Summer 2010 now, and many of you have already been experimenting with unique barbeque techniques and special cookout recipes! July is also National Picnic Month, so it’s only right that you’re up to date on the best tools to create smooth and efficient meals on the grill.

Recently I was browsing the Brookstone catalog (I’m obsessed with them!) and found a few gems to make your sizzling Summer nights at the bbq even hotter! I’ve always gotten good quality products from this store, and the reviews for each item seem to be pretty good across the board.

Enjoy, and let us know if you have these or similar products to help with your grilling! We love your recommendations!

Brookstone Grill Alert Talking Meat Thermometer – Ever feel like your stuck to monitoring the grill every second to avoid overcooking? This handy little remote allows you to walk around your yard and home, up to 300 feet away from the grill. A small thermometer is inserted into your delectable meat, and the belt-ready battery-operated contraption will notify you once your pre-set temperature is reached. Cost is around $55-69 (lower end if you catch it on sale!). You can read a full review here at Cnet.com

Instant Marinater – While this handy kitchen device could be considered a lazy way to season your food, just think of all the times you got a “last minute” hunch to throw some steaks on the grill, or have some friends over for a card game on the patio. Doesn’t give you much time for the normal 1-3 day brine or marination you like to do, does it? The Instant Marinater vacuum seals your meat and seasonings, drawing out any air to allow maximum marination in a short period of time. Cost is $39.95

Motorized Kabob Rotator – If you’re always searching for new recipes to bring your meats and veggies together, you’ve probably found some decent kabob combinations. This auto-rotator sits atop your grill, and promises “perfect” cooking… with a watchful eye, of course.  At $55-70 it’s definitely more cost-effective to flip your own kabobs, but the little motor just might impress your guests!

Grill-Mount BBQ Light – If you’re a late night griller but struggle with poor lighting in your favorite cooking corner, this little easy-to-mount light will save the day! The LED bulb will last you a few summers, however it does take four DD batteries. Might be best to invest in some rechargeables!! The light will run you $31-40.

Motorized Hot Dog Griller – If you don’t like your dogs getting burnt or overcooked from direct-grill contact, this sleek machine is for you! Much like the Kabob Rotator, you square the Motorized Hot Dog Griller atop the cooking space, and it rotates your sausages and dogs to perfection. Cost is $55-70. Personally, I think it takes all the fun out of the dogs… who doesn’t like the grill lines and a slight bend in the dog? That’s good stuff!

Always Perfect Chef’s ForkIf your not ready to fork over the extra money for the roaming monitor, this little gem might be a good investment. For around half the price of the Grill Alert, you can get the Always Perfect Chef’s Fork, which has settings for nine different foods, and a glowing light that will carry you far into the night!

Digital Outdoor Party Fridge – An outdoor fridge may seem to be a little frivolous, but if you’re throwing a lot of pool parties and want to keep wet feet off of your kitchen floor, this is prime property! The Digital Outdoor Party Fridge allows you to set a specific cooling temperature, and will hold 72 12 oz. cans, 48 beer/soda bottles or 36 wine bottles. Now that’s a party! Cost is $399.95

*Disclaimer: This is not a paid or pitched endorsement of Brookstone. This is purely the opinion of the writer for entertainment purposes.

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